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We have all read astrological predictions & some swear by, and plan their lives around, them. Well, not only are the “stars” affecting you; “universal frequencies” (a/k/a “BioAcoustic Keynotes”), are too.

How do they work? Well, everything in your body, and what we put into it, has a numeric frequency (a Frequency Equivalent (TM), or FE, for short). The body is incredibly system-redundant, as shown by how 1 pressure point can address symptoms in different body parts & systems. So, 1 FE can correspond to a muscle & biochemical simultaneously, such as an inability to open a pickle jar tends to indicate a weak lower thumb muscle & also correlates to zinc. Presenting that 1 FE will improve the performance of both.

And now, without further ado, here is the fifth installment of our weekly “Mini-lesson”

Mini-lesson in BioAcoustic Biology and Soundhealth:

This new section seeks to introduce our readers to different terms and concepts in this exciting field of integrative/alternative medicine. We continue with additional definitions from the book Vocal Profiling for the Professional: An Illustrated Reference Guide, by Sharry Edwards, 2002, pp. 50-51:

Today, I will be sharing with you the Note Correlate Chart which is used by every BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner and which will give you a glimpse into how BioAcoustic Soundhealth interacts with you physically and emotionally everyday and how it interacts with notes on the musical scale. In fact, everything around you is frequency, not the kind we hear in our telephones or CD’s, but the acoustic time. First, we will go over some definitions to provide some background:

Note Correlate Chart: A series of 12 notes (C, C#, D…) annotated with physical and emotional correlations that were constructed from the foundational principles of Signature Sound techniques and technologies.

Plank’s Constant: refers to Max Plank who was the first to make a connection between the energy of a particle and the frequency of the associated wave: E (energy) = H (Plank’s constant) x F (frequency).

Oto-Acoustic Emission: a sound emission from the inner ear; understood as an epiphenomenon of the active cochlear amplification process. This emission can be conceptualized as the result of the communication between your brain and your body. These communications, which are constant, have to do with determining how and where to distribute energy and other resources in order to most efficiently address all of the body’s needs.

When we have a physical injury, this communication is understood to address the crisis while at the same time keeping the rest of the body in stasis and working properly. Calcium is the first biochemical called to an injury site and acts like a foreman to call specific resources to the site and begin the healing process.

This Oto-Acoustic Emission occurs in and around the vagus nerve which is located in and around your vocal cords. This sound of this emission escapes from your throat and will sound simultaneously with your spoken voice. Sharry Edwards can physically hear this sound(s) and, sometimes, you can too when you are sitting on a quiet night free of other sounds or background noise, and hear a high pitched sound. This sound can also be captured in a voice print that can be analyzed by a BioAcoustic Soundhealth Practitioner.

Since everything is made up of particles, biochemicals, muscles, pathogens, etc., it should not be a surprise that we would find a frequency equivalent (TM) for each of these things.

Also, since the way we feel physically can affect us emotionally or we can even make ourselves sick psychosomatically (as in the case of hypochondriacs, for example), it should also not be surprising that there would be a frequency connection between our emotional “body” and our physical “body.”

I will go so far as to say that what I have seen and heard in my own practice of BioAcoustic Soundhealth makes me confident enough to hypothesize that, as we do more work and research in this ever-expanding (and exciting) field, we will see that frequency also affects our spiritual “body.” So years from now, we may need to add another column to our existing Note Correlate Chart. One can hope this will come to be because it means that our clients will benefit even more from this modality.

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