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by Jean

Eyre International – Bringing You The News No One Else Wants To Bring You Dear Mr. Ray Kelly – New York Police Commissioner How could Boeing parts fly into a concrete crevasse when no Boeing hit any building during 9/11 ? Yes sir you may well scratch your head looking for  answers, you will eventually become […]

Ray Kelly

Yes sir you may well scratch your head looking for  answers, you will eventually become a victim of your own deceit!!


Dear Mr. Ed Davis – Boston Police Commissioner

How could your number one suspect suddendly become the walking dead?

Ed Davis

Are you crossing your heart hoping that good lord will not strike you down for this massive cover-up?


These servants of the New World Order and Master of deceit must be brought to justice


World news has been totally taken over by the New World Order to a point of insulting our intelligence!!


Having spent my entire life in aviation as an executive in airline operations I find this latest effort to convince the American public and the world that commercial airliners hit the twin towers and the Pentagon has gone beyond ridicule and like all false flags is now insulting the intelligence of ordinary people.

Normal Police  protocol was maintained to some extent and according to the Police Commissioner the FBI, OCMA and NTSB were all called in and attended

Having worked in the aviation environment at many locations around the globe it is normal for the police to secure the scene but to then hand the scene and investigation over to the Air Accident Investigation Board or in the case of the US to hand it over to the NTSB but for sum unknown reason this was not done……why?

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Jean | May 4, 2013 at 11:30 pm