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September 10th, 2012

By Stuart Wilde (

At the End a Doorway Appears.

First, how did it get this way? A group of people attempted to control the world because they saw themselves as very special, they had no regard for people’s wellbeing or feelings, it was all about them, power, money and self-importance.

They controlled all the doors and all the exits and they corrupted the parliaments, and they controlled the TV stations and banks, and they manipulated markets, they were totally above the law, like demi-gods.

They were allowed to convert useless paper into real money, and they issued shares, bonds, IOUs, and derivatives. Their wealth ranked in the trillions. Citizens were milked for half their incomes to support the wars of the elite and other issues that the leaders felt needed funding.

No one could speak, their spies were everywhere. People feared the knock on the door.

The elite could have reigned a thousand years but in effect they were destroyed from within.

They had body guards, surveillance, armies and police forces, and yet each and every one of them had intense paranoia. They invented threats that didn’t exist. The citizens were docile and scared, there were no Moslem terrorists, no shoe bombers, or underpants bombers, no unknown exploding liquids, it was all fake—concoctions formulated from dark minds and feigned specialness.

When a person believes he or she is special, or they feign specialness like self-importance say, it creates a psychological threat, the ego comes to fear that specialness will be taken from it.

The threat manifests gradually into paranoia, which develops in part from the ghoul dreams the elite have that they can’t remember properly. It is the waking recall of fleeting scraps of nightmares that talk to them of their impending demise and the karma of their evil and their insufferable arrogance.

If you focus on importance, evil, control and darkness, it starts to come towards you from an inner world that you can’t see. It’s the Jungian shadow coming to find you. In this way, a contradiction forms in the minds of special people—the seeds of doubt. They feel their own darkness as it a approaches, a darkness that they fear is even more powerful than them. That fear is real in a way. As it is an invisible ghoul force approaching from within. All evil meets a bigger evil up ahead. The terror of that force causes the elite to begin to destroy themselves.

I’m sure the aristocrats in France in the 1760s felt the same terror, for inwardly they knew their end was in sight, but their “specialness” did not allow them to comprehend or entertain a world without them, nor could they feel the cold cruelty of the approaching guillotine, and the revolution that lay around the next corner. They were sitting ducks, just like the Romanoff Czar of Russia and his family, they didn’t flee, nor did Gaddafi, or Ceausescu in Romania, or Mussolini, who was strung up with a wire at a petrol station. He could have flown out of Italy weeks before. Arrogance blinds people.

The modern paranoia of the elite has created needless wars against people that have never done us any harm, millions died, and it has fostered surveillance, spies, and propaganda; Gestapos and torture, all to
protect the elite from the nightmare of their approaching karma. To no avail I might add. No one can hide from themselves, as in the end their darkness swamps them and/or the citizens rise up like they did in the Libya’s Arab spring, or the French Revolution.

The impending terror the elite feel, is in fact, them looking at the devil and their own ghoul worlds in the mirror of their mind—the subconscious. And in part it’s the approaching financial collapse they created through greed and fraud, and then it’s the vengeance of the victims of their abuse and cruelty.

All the fascist laws we see now are manifestations of the elite’s mistrust and obsession with self, their paranoia is not born out by facts in real life. It is all the effect of a psychological aberration, which is the darkness that is
created around powerful people, and it is, as said, the unconscious recall of dreams that the paranoid aberration creates.

So the nightmares create the paranoia, and the paranoia creates the nightmares. It’s a loop. It is all so fascinating as it is the first manifestations of their eventual demise.

The Mayans were a blood cult, sex magicians, cruel beyond words. Their empire collapsed suddenly in about 700 A.D., when tens of thousands of slaves rose up and slaughtered the priests, kings and aristocracy. Whereupon the slaves walked back through the forests to their families and loved ones with the treasures they took from the Mayan black magicians who had tortured them.

How this era ends is a bit too close to the bone for me to write about, but suffice to say, the elite are already falling because the terror they feel approaching sows seeds of doubt. It rattles their specialness, evoking erratic behavior and errors of judgment, and it gives rise to opposition from amongst their own ranks, as high-up people become ever more uncertain and nervous.

Then the financial collapse they promote through debt, greed and fraud impoverishes the masses and the global insurrection becomes a wild fire.

Do many of the elite survive? No. None. Not one.They are all returned to the hell worlds from which they incarnated in the first place. Interesting eh? The repression and fascist laws look terrible but in fact they are a cause of mild celebration as this is the beginning of the end.

One day we can promise ourselves a world without them. A pure world, no more elite or special people.

We’ll be free to breathe God’s love. “Purrrrfect in every way” said the cat. Stuart Wilde

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