human ascensionIn my latest article “What will Come next” I presented the most plausible scenario how the last ditch effort of the dark ruling cabal will unfold before they will be retrieved from this upper 4D earth and sent to the lower catastrophic 4D earths or to the hell 3D-earth of the dogs. This event will be the starting signal for the full ID split of the upper 4D from the lower 4D earths and its permanent shift to the upper levels of the 4th dimension and lower levels of  the 5th dimension, which the PAT is now actively creating.


The begin will be marked by a global financial crash which will impoverish in a stroke the people in the West, but also worldwide, and make them completely vulnerable and dependent on government’s  help and supplies of food and other basic commodities. According to this heinous plan of the last dark human minions of the former Orion /Reptilian empire on this timeline, this financial meltdown will prepare the ground for the introduction of the NWO, which will be in fact a total dictatorship, worse than the Stalinist or Maoist type of inhuman dictatorship and comparable only to the “killing fields” in Cambodia, committed by Khmer Rouge, which usurped the power in the 70s and 80s and devastated this country for ever.


The new global Khmer Rouge of the dark cabal will be even more brutal than these Asian barbarians, as they possess much more effective means for a massive human genocide. These means are now actively employed on the lower catastrophic 4D earths to decimate the human population there and secure the power of the ruling cabal amidst mayhem and total destruction of these earth’s timelines by the MPR and the subsequent tsunami, after the whole geography of these holographic planets has been already completely altered in June.


The chief perpetrators of the planned One World Government of total Orwellian suppression of humanity are the US Khmer Rouge government of Obama and the dark secret services of this last crumbling empire. They have already started to install this new type of military hunta dictatorship in the States, as this comprehensive and very informative article by Mike Adams presents. The facts are cogent and it is now only a matter of reaching the necessary energetic threshold, when the dark US cabal led by Obama will commit the final evil crime on humanity and declare the long-term planned military dictatorship in the USA.


Only last month (June 6th) this most dark president issued another undemocratic executive order that gives him full power to control the Internet on top of his past executive order  from exactly one year ago which started with this massive limitation of personal human rights of the people to have free access to basic information and has been widely discussed as dictatorial at that time by all mass media. Now president Obama has usurped all available forms of communication for use at discretion of the US government.


The facts are so obvious that it is surprising why so many people do not see the coming imminent danger, which will actually only serve as fuel for the ascension of Gaia and 800 million human beings with soul fragments on this timeline to higher dimensions and the demise of the ruling cabal and their removal to lower catastrophic timelines.


Their souls  will simply withdraw the projections of these soulless, empty holographic images of humans from this timeline during the ID shift. Precisely, they will not ascend and will automatically drop to the lower frequency timelines of 4D or 3D earth without noticing this transfer, just as until now humanity, except for the PAT, has not grasped the ample fact that there are currently seven 4D earths and that the huge migration of human souls has already taken place in June as extensively discussed on this website. This is all applied multidimensionality in the course of the abolition of the old linear holographic 3D model of the earth in the process of its ascension.