Several of you have asked me about this.  I use this all of the time and it does make a significant difference…try it!-A.M.

(Cell Spin)

Folks, there is another explanation up above giving the reverse of this procedure.  Zorra tells us that the left vortex is for the Northern Hemisphere and the right vortex is for the Southern Hemisphere.  People have used both ways.  To know it is working, test it on a glass of soda or beer that has a lot of foam on top.  When done properly, it will go flat.

Right Hand
Thumb pointing straight up
Four fingers pointing straight ahead, close together like a “karati chop.”
Hand is wide open with palm able to “receive” energy from left hand.

Left Hand:
Little finger, ring finger, and middle finger: all three touching thumb
See the “tunnel” these make?  This becomes the energy vortex
Forefinger points straight ahead.
Depending on flexibility, back of hand can be at the top, flat to the ceiling, or
you can roll the hand over with the back of the hand now lying on the table.
Either way, one end or the other of the vortex, or tunnel opening is facing the glass or plate
Hold hands on left and right of liquid or food and allow vortex to send energy through the liquid/food to be “caught” by the palm of the open right hand positioned as a “karati chop.”  Send energy for about 30 secconds.

Test:  Water will taste sweeter, fruit will taste sweeter, soda and beer will go flat, wine will taste smooth and expensive, especially dry, red wine.

Peter Olsen has posted a playful video he made to demonstrate this technique for his daughter.