Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Record a UFO, How to Post a UFO Video to YouTube, Video

I am writing this article because I scoured the internet on how to record a UFO and post it on YouTube, and if you can believe it many of the sites had these three recommendations. (I am not kidding)
1. Be outside
2. Have a camera with you
3. Join a birdwatching club (guaranteed… not to be with like mindedpeop

How to Record a UFO Video, DO’s and DON’Ts

Ok, you have a camera or video, you know how to use it, your outside and your not bird watching! What DO you do now. (You will find a great example of an actual UFO video at the bottom of this post).
  1. DO Stabilize the camera on a tripod. If there is no tripod, then set it on top of a stable, flat surface. If that is not possible lean against a wall to stabilize your body and prevent the camera from filming in a shaky, unsteady manner.
  2. DO Provide visual reference points for comparison. This includes the horizon, treetops, lampposts, houses, and geographical landmarks (i.e., Loch Raven Reservoir, Lake Mead, Mt. McKinley.) Provide this in the video whenever it is appropriate and doesn’t detract from what your focus is, the UFO. 
  3. DO Narrate your videotape. Provide details of the date, time, location, and direction (N,S,E,W) you are looking in. Provide your observations on the weather, including approximate temperature, wind-speed, any visible cloud cover or noticeable weather anomalies or events. Narrate on the shape, size, color, movements, approximate altitude of the UFO, etc and what it appears to be doing. Also include any unusual physical, psychological or emotional sensations you might have. 
  4. DO Narrate any visual reference points on camera so they correlate with what the viewer will see, and thereby will be better able to understand. Be persistent and consistent. Return to the scene to videotape and record at this same location. If you have been successful once, the UFO sightings may be occurring in this region regularly, perhaps for specific reasons unknown, and you may be successful again. You may also wish to return to the same location at a different time of day (daylight hours) for better orientation and reference. Film just a minute or two under “normal” circumstances for comparison. 
  5. DO Write down what you remember immediately after. As soon as you are done recording the event,  record your impressions, memories, thoughts, emotions, etc. so it is on the record in writing. 
  6. DO Have any witnesses independently record their own impressions, thoughts, etc. Include in this exercise any drawings, sketches, or diagrams. Make sure you date and sign your documentation. Always be prepared.
  7. DO Consider investing in some night vision gear, possibly infrared, it is certainly not mandatory but it could help a lot.  
  8. DO Have a digital camera or better yet a video camera with you, charged and ready to go, at all times.  These events can occur suddenly, unexpectedly, and often quite randomly, so you will need to be prepared.
How to Post Your UFO Video on YouTube

Alright, now you have some interesting video’s or some good still pictures, what do you do with them. I am working on the premise that you know how to load a video on YouTube, if not ask someone to show you or go to YouTube for a step by step list of directions.  
Lets say you are like most people, you want to post it quickly so you can on get as many views as possible, then follow these simple steps.
  1. DON’T put your video to music, it makes your video appear unauthentic and not very serious. 
  2. DON’T put some creepy looking alien in the opening few seconds, again it looks unauthentic and not serious.
  3. DON’T have any opening hype, if you cannot capture someones attention in the opening 7-10 seconds you probably have already lost them! 
  4. DON’T make your video too long, edit out the junk. Your video should be about 1-3 minutes long. Usually you get 10-15 seconds of good content for every 2 minutes you have recorded. There are lots of free film editors out there, use one of them! There is an exception to this DON’T, if your video is really outstanding (get a second opinion) then do not  worry about how long it is. We will want to see it all.
  5. DON’T leave out the written description. Here is how you should describe your video that appears underneath the actual video on YouTube. 
  • time
  • location
  • description of craft (colors, shapes,  lights, size (if known)
  • altitude (if know)
  • weather
  • movement and direction of craft
  • how many 
  • how long did you see the UFO(s)
     7. DON’T misspell the title, give your video an interesting title. 
         Give your video a title that would make you click on the play button.

The video below is good for a variety of reason, it is three minutes, it is reasonably close up, no music, no funky aliens, it is compelling and it starts out pretty quickly, you are looking at the UFO in about 5 or 6 seconds. This certainly does not guarantee it authenticity but it is what you should be striving for. 

UFO videos are turning up on YouTube and in the mainstream press virtually everyday. UFO sightings are going through the roof, in the past three years alone UFO reports have increased by 67% and in the month of August 2011 sightings virtually doubled once again. So if you follow most of these steps you will substantially increase your chances of success.

The recording of your UFO video and the posting of the video are important if you want to get a wide distribution, so following these guidelines should help. 
Searching for the truth about UFOs is a noble endeavor and it will be through all our efforts that we finally get to the truth.