How To Starve The Banksters & Halt NWO

Do you want to Stop The New World Order and Banksters? Another way is to have the courage to take a stand that you will NOT involve yourselves with their greedy games. These include any and all of their enterprises, banking systems, taxation, means of transportation, means of consumption, what “fuels” the economy, etc., etc., etc.


Expanded List:


11) Start Walking to places whenever possible – gets our blood circulating, allowing us to perhaps shed a few pounds put on by bad eating habits and poor quality, poison-laced foods.

12) Carpool – get to know your neighbors and co-workers. Share the ride and save on gas. Less carbon footprint.

13) Don’t fill up as often – or use the vehicles as often. Starve the oil companies!

14) Eat your leftovers – saves you money. The corporations manufacturing your food will make less money the less you spend on groceries. Be more careful about not throwing away food that could get you by another day.

15) Stop your addictions: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Starbucks – these corporation have created a product that is addicting to keep you coming back for more. You are a slave to their product. Starve them by getting off of these.

16) Disconnect your cable T.V. and Satellite Dishes and Tivo – Start watching alternative news or hearing the radio for a change, maybe even spend some quality family time.

17) Turn off your electric items when not using them. Turn off your lights, unplug appliances (except fridge).

18) If you have a mortgage with no prepayment penalty, try to send extra towards your principle so that you don’t pay for unnecessary interest. The more your principle balance, the more interest you pay, the more they stuff their pockets!

19) Find alternative solutions to your medical problems. Try, if your condition permits, to stay away from Big Pharma and traditional medicine that prescribes pharmaceuticals as remedies.

20) Pull your money away from banking institutions and investment firms and buy gold or silver. Do this only if you feel it is in your best interest to do so. Invest in seeds and things to make you self sustainable!


These are my additional 10 items for a total of 20. If you can think of more, please add them to the comment section, and I will increase this list.


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