To: ;
Subject : FW : The real communication Anton Teuben
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 09:36:16 +0100

Dear Hilda ,

nibiru_planetsThere is much to do on our website and on time and it means that we are illegally acquired . We have no access to our websites and in addition they have ( not yet clear who) our payment cracked .

I advise you to send to all the old addresses , no more emails because we have no idea who are behind now .

Would you like to share with your network? Message in the Annex This is an explanation of Anton Teuben which he reflects what is going on .

Many people need to know what is happening behind the scenes !

The new address of Anton :

Mvg Rebecca

Subject : The real communication Anton Teuben
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 09:30:55 +0100

Dear old Schuman Fasteners,

Those who follow our site , might encounter at the site following notice to :

Last weekend , we were informed via a ( now untraceable ) Skype voicemail message that ” the site is taken over .” First, we have to laugh here, as well, this is yet another joke of former volunteers and associates . We now call this the Klucht factor . This has not been considered, Anton is tired after so many years of pioneering , but not worn out , on the contrary ! We have an idea who is behind this.

In short , the smear campaign around our site and the wrangling between former employees ” who are still just want to beat a financial salad out ‘ , or a mixture of a ‘ secret ‘ service , the truth is really on the table … please wait yet .

We raise our noses and short term the glass and would like to tell the other side of the story through the attached document

We will ask you to spread this message! Much as possible

You understand that our ability to spreading awareness making news very hindered , but will be by way of improvisation explore new avenues and opportunities .

We have been provided with new email addresses :

Anton Teuben :

Schumann Resonance : and lapsed

I also recommend to those who provide us with donations cease . Paypall via this or Ideal, We no longer have access to both payment . You can contribute the best possible book directly through our well-known bank number .

In advance thank you very much for reading and possibly sharing this information !


Anton Teuben
Rebecca Goossens
Maarten Horst

And all the volunteers spread across the country.