South America’s Oldest and Largest
Pyramid Complex, with Direct Links
to the 29,000-Year-Old
Bosnian Pyramids – See more at:

This clip was sent to me by a

member of an archaeological dig
in Ecuador, which is revealing
what they claim to be the oldest
and largest pyramid to be found,
to date in the South American

Both the construction technique –

that of re-facading a pre-existing
mountain into a perfect pyramidal
shape the and age of this site are
similar to the pyramid complex and
tunnel system, recently discovered
in Bosnia (in former Yugoslavia), by
Sam Osmanagich.

What is completely jaw-dropping

about this discovery is that ceramic
jars discovered at the site feature
script which has been deciphered as
“Paleo-Sanskrit.” The team is anxious
to get a carbon-dating of this particular
object, as it could vastly re-organize
the way we currently view the history
of the human race.

Sanskrit is the root language, from

which all of the Indo-European languages
descend, including English as well as
Celtic and all of the Germanic languages;
it includes all of the Latin languages; Slavic
languages; Greek and related languages
(like Macedonian); Armenian; all of the
Indo-Iranian languages from Persian to
Kurdish to Urdu; Hindi and all of its
hundreds of dialects, etc.

Because of the many unexpected details

within this archeological find – especially
the latter – this team is in a position of
making Earth-shattering discoveries that
will DEFINITELY NOT be accepted by the
scientific community, without the most
rigorous proofs – and even then, face
rejection – because these discoveries
would completely fly in the face of a
construct of hundreds of egos, who want
their version of history to go down in the
history books as, well – History!

This will be a dig worth keeping our eyes on!

(Video: around 20 mins):
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