Please share this petition far and wide and help us reach the goal of 1,111,000 signatures. Peace begins with each of us.

The petition will be delivered to the President/Prime Minister/Queen/King/leader of every country in the world, the U.N and heads of major corporations.


peacesignWorld leaders in every country and the U.N
Corporate/world leaders only make up a tiny minority of the world’s population yet they have consistently failed in hearing the demands of the majority, ignoring our protests and pleas for a better world for all.

It is now time to unite as One with our sisters and brothers from around the world to voice our compassion and positive intent.

War is over if we want it. Peace begins with every individual taking responsibility.

We, the good people of earth will not stand for any more human rights atrocities committed against us for profit, power and control.

I declare an immediate end to corrupt governments, corporations and world leaders acting in their own selfish interests and not for the greater good.

I declare an end to the global financial tyranny enslaving us.

I declare an eradication of poverty and dis-ease affecting us.

I declare an end to the destruction of the environment that sustains us.

I declare a new paradigm: a loving, peaceful, sustainable and mutually beneficial world for all humans and other life forms.

Today I declare World Peace.

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