Making the unseen visible..exposing the occult plan…






concentric circlesBefore reading this document I would like to say that I will try to explain everthing so simply and  objective as possible.Knowing many religions and sciences  have different names for the same phenomenon.Different words were created to confuse each other ,instead of understanding each other..distorting the keepers of knowledge..Humanity itself…preventing the sharing of ancient knowledge.




In the beginning people may have the feeling …this is negative ,I don’t want to read anymore of this..I’ve had enough of negative stories.


If you do not know the dark sides in yourself and on earth,you can not know where to send your lovelight to heal.By knowing where the dark(absense of light) resides, you can send your lovelight to these places to heal them.Knowing this ,we can heal the world and that’s possitive isn’t it????You must know where to aim your lovelight.Using your creative powers.You are a creator of your own surroundings,your world.Using our collective healing powers as ONE,in unity:Humanity.


Together creating the flower Of life:




Humanity has 2 sides of the story,as we can read in many ancient books.It would be nice to know what we are fighting against,fighting to maintain a life in love, peace,abundance and safety.


I am trying to explain ancient knowledge in a fashion everybody can understand.Knowledge must be available for everybody.Not only for the rich and powerful.For free.


The positive story(bright side) is the energy giving system…and the negative story(dark side) is the energy draining system.


It will also explain the presence of our galactic family…and wat took place before the 21st of  december 2012 and understanding that we were and still are “the Change”


If you can Imagine how energy flows through the universe…you can understand how it has been manipulated for eons of time….




Imagination is more important than knowledge………..Albert Einstein.




Let’s imagine that all the dimensions are build up out of concentric cirkels:,r:12,s:0,i:124&tx=212&ty=86




Imagine the source of all life in the middle.Fluid light that has cristalline material as a foundation…a transporter of light.This fluid light contains all the DNA(knowledge) codes of existance.DNA that is dormant can be opened by experience…enlightened.


The cristalline material is the conductor of the light…. energy(lifeforce).This cristalline material transports the light to where it’s is needed(intended).It is also known as LOVE.


Some people may have forgotten that the word God comes from Good….that simple.


“Live” comes from the word Love and belongs to the energy giving system.”Evil” is the word “live” written backwards and belongs to the energy draining system.


Let’s say (to stimulate our imagination) the middle of these concentric circles, is the hundrendth dimension,the source of everything in existance.


If one drop of this consiousness intends to experience the 99th dimension, a drop of this coniousness will go there.A cristalinne umbilical cord(two way system) will connect this drop of light with the source.The source giving it’s light(energy) to awaken the dna(knowing) that you want to experience in the 99th dimension(vibration) and to maintain it’s existance with life force.


And we give a stream of light(insight) back to the source..and here by,the source is  always experiencing what we are doing.When dna awakens(opens)  energy comes free and goes back to the source. The source gives us energy and we give knowledge(through experiencing/feeling/intuition) in return.


When this drop of consiousness want’s to experience the lower dimension, it will intend to send an energetic dubbel to this dimension.The drop of source material will stay in the 99th dimension and will function as an amplifier to protect the pure frequency from eletrical interuption .These two drops of consiousness will again be connected with an etheric umbilical cord with a two way system.this is a continuity ..always connected to the source.


This proces is applied for everything in existance..everthing created.Everything(consciousness) exits in higher dimensions.These amplifiers are also known as the higher selves and always guide the energetic doubles in lower vibrating dimensions by supplying them with source energy…a vertical input


The proces of intending an energetic double is also known as the fractal effect.


Look it up if you want to..on google or youtube.


you are just a click away to discovering the truth on your computer..use your imagination.


Search for information you understand




Like water,the ether.metal ecetera…cristal is an energy conductor.It copies information/intention.


This is information that proves that water(conductor) does this:


as you can conclude, the spoken word is an expression of a person’s intention.It must be done with hart to have a positive effect.




These drops of source material have the same genetic codes(DNA) as the source…just like one drop of water has the same compilation(DNA/information) as as a whole lake of water.




And for the people beginning to awaken this is a DNA spiral:




Do you see a cosmic umbilical cord in physical form(micolevel)?




The pulse of energy/light that flows through these cristalinne umbilical cords and these energie conductors, has a fancy name:Schumann resonance.It is simply the hartbeat of the source and if you are from source it beats in YOU,in your centre of wisdom,your heart.


Look it up if you intend to know more,there is a lot of information out there on the internet.Keep searching untill you find something thats matches your knowing,using words you understand.


You do not have to be a professor to understand this.Everbody is in the university of life.


You have your free will to selfinstruct.You incarnated to know this again, to re-member.To lighten up your DNA/knowing and thereby raising your frequentie.


Re-membering who you are are member of.




Lets follow the stream of life force again.The proces of the duplicating of energetic doubles


has found it’s way to the outer and most dense dimensions were we are now:3d/4d/5d as a collective: earth and everthing residing on her and beneath her surfice.


And we are still connected to source through these etheric umbilical cords,channels of light.


This light has divided it’s self through the prisma effect in our bodies(rainbow colors).


These qualities of light(love) are stored in our chakra system:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&bvm=bv.41248874,d.d2k&fp=dd13b11e336756f1&biw=1429&bih=923




As you can conclude now, you can see(imagine) that we are receivers and transmitters.


You receive love in are vertical fashion and it is the sources intention that you project the life/light force in a horizontal to the other being you are interacting with.Enlightening(opening dna) in each other with your lifeforce,informing them in LOVE,in love with experiencing life,together as 1 unit of knowledge.


Only by being in Love(schumann resonance) you awaken the Dna in another being,like a sun opening a seed,helping in their evolution,explaining things is not always required.It’s about understanding the other beings level of vibration/evolution/opened DNA.


As a reprentative from source,you know people have to go through rough experience, themselves to know what they want or do not want.You understand the best when oyu have experienced the same thing yourself.


Projecting these love qualities is very reliable on your moods.Do not get tempted do use this in a negative fashion.Keep it in control.You will only awaken the same mood(DNA) in another being,the program of survival of the fittest will awaken(ego)




The source intended to send an energetic double of gaia(consiousness) to the most dense


Of dimensions,where we are now.


A light beam was intended and projected in this density.this is what is known as the BIG Bang.As you can “see”light is needed to maintain life.


An intended energetic double of the source,our SUN resides in our solar system to maintain life.Do not forget, our sun is also connected with etherical umbilical cords,also known as wormholes.


These connections to our energetic double are also the tunnels mentioned in near death experiences.When a consiousness leaves a physical vorm and wants to merge with it’s higherself in dreaming or what man calles dying.




After the big bang,cristalinne frameworks,that were to become planets, were established/intended in this dimension/solar system and became the fysical vorm for great conductors of sourcelight to reside in.The consiousness(energetic double from higher dimensions) of gaia resides in what we called earth.This is her physical expression in this dense dimension….as we also have our physical expression:our bodies.


These cristalline frameworks were coded with dna(magnitized/dormant DNA) to atract the physical elements(created from the big bang) needed for creating life.Evolving into a planet where lifeforms with higher consiousnesses could maintain life.


Intending higher lifeforms to developed,bringing in higher knowledge based on universal laws(how energy must flow to maintain life) and directing energy with love.


How the evolution of gaia developed is explained in the following documentry:


The mayan calendar comes north by Ian lungold.




Go(od) has a big house(all the dimensions/everthing that exists) and there are many rooms(dimensions) to see….






I am only getting into how energy functioned in this period and how it was distorted.I am not getting into concepts such as time and names etc…you will find out for yourself if you intend to know.


Atlantis was build up of a cristalline material in the following confuration:,r:12,s:0,i:124&tx=212&ty=86




The inhabitants were lightbeings(all lights on/Dna open) with a etheric body and knew how energy flows through the universe,as you also know now.


The highpriests/priestesses who lived in the inner circle of this structure were called the Atla-Ra.


They received energy from source(vertical input) and directed it over the earth(horizontal).The most important medium(carrier of information/conductor) was water.


It copied the intention of cristalline through it’s medium:Water.Places as lemuria and Atlantis are known as cities of light/love.


This love intention inside the conductor water, carries a frequency which awakens the dormant codes in the lifeforms that reside on the land.The sun in our solar system is also a satelite of the source, just us we are, and projects the source energy into this solar system and also has many suns(conductors) in higher dimensions.The sun has a pure source expression,intention.


And do not forget that you can imagine that our sun is also connected with etheric umbilical cords…


These umbilical cord are also known as wormholes.


Our sun give’s us energy to enlighten/open the codes and blackholes are the exit of these


Energy’s that are been released when DNA is opened,transporting the energy(knowing) back to the source through the higher dimensions, at light speed,vorming a continuity,vorming a locked system.




Energetic doubles were created to incarnate in the physical bodies of the land.The homo erectus  was residing on the land to experience life in a more dense form.


Because the homo erectus had a lower frequency(more dormant DNA) than the light beings of Atlantis, the homo erectus was not aware of the existance of the atlantians or lemurians.they were devided by water,so that the homo erectus was not distracted from horizontal input. The home erectus followed their on idea’s acting on free will…to experience on their own.


The were living in the schumann resonance…in other words LOVE.


This time of lemuria and atlantis,etc is  oftened mentioned as paradise,the garden of eden,dreamtime etc. in religious texts.


The Atlantians traveled through etherical umbilicals cords(wormholes) in their light ships and could visit the planets they had experienced in a higher dimension, bringing the knowledge to earth to develope an amosphere on the survice of the planet.


Earth was a new dimension with lightbeings who  had chosen te experienc and create life in density.


Everybody(with dense bodies or lightbodies) was safe in the vertical input through the etheric umbilical cords (lightpillars) of the schumann resonance.


Everybody’s input of light intelligence was coming in from your higher selves(DNA resonates at distance).From your higher self it connects it to an assemblage point(conductor) about 30 cm above your head.This assemblage point(white light) of energie is the next conductor.


Then the energy flows through your chakra system and connecting the chakra’s as one unit of knowledge.Then it spirals down to the next conductor about 30 cm below your feet..the earthstar.


Then its connects to the cristalinne frame work,in which the consiousness of Gaia resides.This cristalline framework is powered from the inside out by the sun(the next conductor) of hollow earth:


Hollow earth has,as you can see,entrances at the north and southpole also to relief the energy/pressure of the inner sun…


Her energyfield flows as our body:,r:53,s:0,i:248&tx=127&ty=56




Gaia had the input(through experience) from all the elders who incarnated before us and stored it in her cristalline computer.They awakened the dormant codes.


In the schumann resonance(meditation )we can connect to this computer and receive knowledge how to act on this earthplane.In the schumann resonance is what you call the “NOW”…feeling. If you THINK about something outside of your BEING you project your energy to another moment in TIME…and feed this concept.Time exists in your horizontal connections outside of yourself.


When we connect to the this cristalgrid we can receive insights from  gaia and if we want to change it in love we can Imagine they we connect with our higher selves.You have the free will to connect to either.Just imagine a pillard of light connecting all your chakra’s in a vertical fashion.


The energy from our higher selves and earth connect in the hart,our own personal source.


The connection with our higher selves resides in the the higher hart chakra(Thymus,behind the color-bone) and connects with the lower hartchakra that contains the knowlegde how to act in the physical form.The higher chakra’s containg knowledge of H(e)aven..and the lower chakra’s containng the knowledge of manifestation,received from gaia.


The knowledge from above and beneath our feet connect in the hartchakra.We imagine with our inner eye through feeling and then think(which is a lower vibration) how to manifest this idea.Our thinking must be in service to our feeling to stay in the energy of the schuman resonance.


Your brain decodes/translates input from the cristalinne computer of gaia.Memories are not in your brain , but in your DNA and in the cristalgrid of gaia.


Your brain translates the language of light and believe me,there are many languages.




These energies are also being transported through our meridian system, to every cell in our body.


The endpoint of this light is a tiny little drop of source material in the centre of each cell., around which the atoms circulate.We have SUNS in every cell of our body.


To conduct higher energies to enlighten dormant DNA our meridian system is cristalline and feels what energies are neccesary.There is no seperation from source,no energy leaks.


These cells are held together by a frequency,a membrame.The light is the glue(intention of source) of the physical form(matter).A cell,people,all life forms are surround by a frequency membrame that keeps the energy form/consiousness(conductor) together.


Earth also has it’s frequency membrame and is also known as the veil.




The vertical input of energy(also known as vorteces) also exits on earth.


These are areas where ley lines comes together,nodes and again conductors that empower the cristal grid so that all living beings on earth are supplied with source energy,when they are in the schumann resonance,one with the hartbeat of the source.


The horizontal ley lines on earth look like this:,r:21,s:0,i:151&tx=95&ty=72




and when these vorteces  pulsate outwards in a horizontal fashion they look this this and when we receive in love and let it flow to each other we create the same.




How did this high vibrating system(Atlantis period) get distorted?.


As many religions tells us, fallen angels were kick out of heaven..and I mean in in the dimension you intend to experience.They  came to earth the sector of the free will.Knowing they still had “time” to act without interference from source.


An angel is a being with a high vibrating expession(not organic,has no physical form) and knows how energy flows through the universe.And can express himself in any form he wants to,depending on the situation.Drawing the elements towards itself to manifest an appearence,comfortable for the situation to act.


You can call it shapeshifting if that feels comfortable.


They exist in the light realms close to the source.


The source intended to send them out to the outer dimensions to experience life in the physical form,to learn from the beginning(lower dimensions) again.Via the lower dimensions back to the source,but always maintaining their free will,experiencing evolution in the physical form,awakening of DNA.To bring their light in by using their imagination.Religions have many stories about this.


On their journey to earth they interacted with a high evolved reptilian race who’s energetic double’s had already experienced the lower dimensions in density and were evolving to reach the higher dimensions.These reptilians existed in the draconian star system.


And is a race that had empowered the earth with it’s presence as a conductor in former earth “programms”.You may take the evidence of dinosaurs in mind on that.


Good willing reptilians also assisted in creating the human form, and especially the reptilian/refelex) brain which resides in us and is connected to the theory of “Survival of the Fittest”, in other words knowing how to act in the physical universe.


in the time of Atlantis and lemuria this reptilian brain was in service of our angelic,christed.extraterrestrial brain.Also goodwilling reptilians interacted with angelics to created the human physical form.In the time of atlantis all 12 strands were functioning and also the angelic,christed extraterrestrial and reptilian brain.


2 strands of DNA(knowing) are connected to this reptilian brain.The other 10 strands are connected to our other brain parts as mentioned above


Our energetic self(conductor) looks like this if you can imagine yourself as energy without your physical form:,r:7,s:0,i:100




These “fallen angels”had no phtsical form and thereby had no allowance to act in the physical realms of the universe.They were not incarnated,had no dense body,to perform physical labour.The fallen angels “skipped”a few conductor”in to the lower dimensions and hereby maintaining all the knowledge of a light being,knowledge of the higher dimensions.


They were expelled from the higher etherical dimensions and thereby not able to have full power from the source, activating all the DNA codes/Knowing.Only enough power to activate the DNA codes necessary to maintain(Act) in the lower dimensions .Cut of from the all knowing knowledge/light from source.Cut of from vertical input.Forced to interact with energy outside themselves


The advanced reptilians did have a physical body and were more advanced in communicating than the more dense lightforms on earth , existing in lower dimensions.And if you have traveled the lower dimensions with approval from the source,you are always allowed to travel back to lower  dimensions you have experienced with a good result in the schumann resonance .You can also see astralprojection as intending another energetic double in another place/frequence.


These fallen angels and there reptilian allies came to earth ,destructing every planet in this solar system.Draining them from source energy to maintain eternal life:cheating death.




(Carlos castaneda has mentioned these beings in his books and calls them death defiers.they try to get people out of the schumann resonance to feed on their energy,by that 2 way system you get their energetic input)




These planets have the source light inside their cristalgrids to activate the fallen angels(anorganic beings) DNA,to maintain full consiousness.


An organic being can not regenerate energy by itself,like we can by living in the schumann resonance.They must get it from an outside source.


Kicked out of heaven,is cut off from high source energy,lower energy through the etheric umbilical cords that matches the lower dimensions.


Becoming mortal.


These fallen angels came to earth with their reptilian allies by the planet nibiru,destructing every living planet on their path and draining the planets from source energy.This principal is what the galactic wars were about.They also drained nibiru from it’s source energy and made their way to earth.Nibiru is back in hands of lightbeings,who live in unity also known as the galactic federation of planets and..also known as starnation people,the Elders..


Drained from energy, Nibiru had no purpose for the anorganic beings.


Information about nibiru now:




The fallen angels are also  known as the annunaki(those who came from heaven to earth or god’s etc.)


Impressing the homo Erectus with their knowledge and “magic”and in return the homo erectus projected their energy(source frequency) towards these beings,the fallen angels Dna enlightens, and as you might see,pulling the homo erectus out of the schumann resonance,disconnecting from gaia,disconnecting from thier own intentions.These beings began draining source energy from the human form to manifest their own Intentions.As humans giving them our Free will,our energy.


Giving our energy to manifest the dreams(intentions) of the fallen angels….And they Dream Big!!!!!!!


As a lot of people know..these beings genetically manipulated the homo erectus(genetic manipulation) and is what man calls the missing link in the human evolution..the step from homo erectus to homo sapiens(thinking human).Hereby created a slave that can understand their intentions and manifest because we have this approval because we have a physical body, a right to act/manifest.


They could not rule the incarnation proces,but had the free will to adjust the physical form.


In other words the human form we incarnate in.Incarnating again and again to overide the ego brain by activating our angelic and christed extraterrestrial brain again.


When we are born, all the codes are enlightened.They created a system in teaching in which using these DNA codes are not necessary.


These “gods” upgraded the DNA of the homo erectus with advanced reptilian DNA.Enlightening the codes to created a better flow of communication. Enlightening the codes so we could do what they intended…for themselves to live in abundance.


Upgrading the thinking reptilian reflexbrain…using the lessons of cause and effect….If you do not do this or that, something negative will happen…something not in LOVE.


And we believed them…were inpressed(vibrations activating DNA ) by them.




They have ruled the world for eons of time, based on 2 basic fears:


Fear of loss and Fear of death(non-existance).




Lets have a look how energy flows when you live another persons intention, for example your boss….based on the same fallen angels principal.


Your boss has an idea what to do,what he wants you to manifest.He project its into you by communicating(in a horizontal fashion).


You imagine what he wants.Using your inmagination(third eye) what he wants.


As you can see, the energy coming into the crown chakra, on top of your head is cut off from source and the crown chakra is not activated.You accept knowledge from an outside source.Also the connection between your higher hart chakra and the lower is distorted,interupted,because it is not your intention but an insight given from outside of is not resonating with your higher energetic double.When it is not in love,you will feel this disrupted connection as stress on your chest.A lack of light.


You give your source energy to manifest another persons idea and you get money in return.


With that money you buy food to regenerate energy for your carbon based bodies and do the same thing the next day.Paying for your own enslavement.Forgetting what your intention was here on earth.


You are also disconnected from the earth computer which tells you how to act in the schumann resonance…in other words IN NATURE.


And they hope that you become satisfied with the material things you can buy.Receiving the money back to their system.


In this energy flow your crown chakra’s and pineal gland are disconnected from source and become dormant.The knowledge/light of the higher selves have no acces.


No vertical connection, but serving a horizontal input with your energy.


Basically your energy body consists of:intention,attention and awareness and where you focus feed/empower/manifest into existance.




And the feeling of Fear is  Only a feeling(awareness)) that tells you…you are not in the schumann resonance, in other words: acting in LOVE..This is not go(o)d’s intention for you.The feeling is regenerated by an electrical interference between your higher hartchakra(behind the color bone) and lower hartchakra.


Carlos castaneda mentions this area in your body in his books and calls it the centre of decissions.


He is also a writer who mentions the anorganic system,learning from his teacher Don Juan.




The dark forces manipulated this awareness/energy.Telling you what to do…then nothing negative will happen.If you do what they want you will go back to the schumann resonance…for a While, untill the next distortion and they have build up a history(knowing of negative experiences)


And they have created a lot of distractions to keep you from being in the schumann resonace and switching over to survival of the fittest mode.


The education system and the TV are very good examples of lower horizontal input to maintain the codes connected to your DNA


I hope than you can conclude now, that they manipulated\upgraded the reptilian brain so much,that it became the dominant brain to survive.Activating the survival of the fittest theory.


Activating the animal reptilian brain.Learning from negative experiences.Building up a knowing of negative experiences.Recoding the DNA.


The great fear factor of the destruction of Atlantis is embedded in our DNA/knowing and they like triggering that input/knowing




The atla Ra of atlas were the ones who were in connection with the second moon.


The second moon was a cristal orb and a amplifier of source energy.The priests/priestesses in the temples of atlantis felt the need of Gaia in certain places on earth.The priests/priestesses intended(telekinisis) the orb to move to influence the weather condition in that area.Life on the survice needed a helping hand to maintain life.Giving the landed what it needed to maintain paradise.


Earth is a special place because life resides on the in and outside(survice) of the planet


Earth had a temperature of about 25 degrees celsius with no seasons and no decay caused by seasons.Paradise in other words,living in peace and abundance.


These anorganic beings also made their way to atlantis and again inpressed the inhabitants with their knowledge of the universe.


The took over the cristal orb and mis-used it for their own ego minded plans and destructed every ancient culture who would not go along with their plans.


Their plan was to project the ego minded matrix(energyfield) of earth,which is a frequency band, that only awakens the reptilian DNA codes…into to the black hole.The cristalline field of all Go(o)d’s dimensions would duplicate this matrix…..As you know,like the conductor water duplicates information.


Earth’s axis tilted Bcause of this atomic blast.Atomic experiments teach you how to seperate the energy from it’s physical form.


They recoded Gaia’s frequency(field of enery) by influencing her amplifiers(humanity) with false knowledge enlightening the reptilian brain(DNA) and gaining lifeforce in return.


Because of the tilted axis caused by the atomic blast ,seasons in weather came into existance.A second programm was inbedded:polarity,creating 2 choices: acting in or out of love.


When the atomic blast happened the source pulled back it’s energy through the etheric umbilical cords, to give just enough power to enlighten a seven chakra system needed to maintain life on earth.


Activating what we had chosen ourselves as a collective coniousness.


Learning all over again by living in the schumann resonance together with Gaia.


Remember the source can read your intentions(energy) before manifesting.


Recoding our mistakes,by living the reptilian way in love.Incarnating over and over again to activate the christed extraterrestrial and angelic brain and DNA.Making them the dominant brain again.To FEEL(with hart) first and then THINK to manifest/act.


The acces to other dimensions was shut down.Stargates only work on full power in the continuity of the sources energy.


This is what we know as “casted out of heaven”.It’s the same as shut down stargates.


Denying acces of a destructing system(matrix) imbedded in the human vorm(DNA),preventing from duplicating it’s self,like a virus.


The dominant reptilian brain does not exist in higher dimensions.


Earth’s energetic membrame,that keeps her consiousness together,was given a lower frequency,.This is how earth and all it’s amplifiers(humanity) was put in quarantine.


Disconnected from other dimensions.




Again,telling you, explained as simply as possible.




Because we were not living in the schumann resonance(leaking energy) we became mortal.


We incarted in a physical form with a carbon based meridian system.Not cristalline.




When the  earthly energetic double energyform vibrates to high for it’s physical form it will retract back through it’s connection(etheric umbilical cord) with it’s higher self and merge.On earth we call it dying.In the higher dimension it’s a welcoming back home.


In this carbon based body we had to regenerate energy from external sources through our digestion system.We began to eat each  other to gain energy.I mean animal life etc.Beings with a face,just like ourselves.


We began to eat lifeforms that had the same codes from source as us, to gain energy from lifeforms that are the same, energetically and only have another expression in existance.Beings that also have red blood(DNA CODES) as we do.Suitable for a carbon based body.




We became like the fallen angels.They drain our energy.And we eat Go(o)ds creation.


Hereby destructing conduits(animals) of source energy to prevent earth from vibrating to high.Knowing that a higher vibrations opens the DNA connected to the higher brain and DNA codes.




The survivers of atlantis saved powerful cristals from destruction and inbedded them the cristalinne grid of gaia.These cristals of knowledge are in connection with your chakra system and have the same colours.


The atlantians were challenged to set up a new energy system to maintain the physical form of gaia.


I think anyone can imagine how distorted gaia’s energy was after the atomic blast…that “backfired”. We were saved as far us possible by divine intervention,giving us the chance to fix what we had distorted by our own choices as a collective.


The survivers were challenged to live on the land.The land still had it’s vertical inputs of energy on the power nodes of the cristalline grid and the survivers  knew where these were situated.


Pyramids were build on nodes which were most fragile and needed perfect conductors of energy for the vertical input of the schumann resonance from source keeping gaia connected and stable.


Through the power nodes(which also are connected through the golden templates) source energy is directed is in a horizontal fashion to everthing in existance and connect through a upward spiral, projected from gaia’s cristalline grid.The cristalline grid powered by the inner sun.


Connecting to humanity through the upward spiral from gaia which connects with us,beneath our feet, when we are in the schumann resonance.




A certain piramid may have an etheric umbilical cord connected to venus(stargate).


The energy also is connected to us by the piramids to activated the knowledge you have gained by experiencing venus,bringing in galactic knowledge.And in this fashion piramids have their connections to many planets and starsystems.These inputs of energy flow through the cristalline grid available for everybody on earth.,r:3,s:0,i:92




In the days of the farao’s and many other powerfull leaders of humanity…earths energy became distorded again.,By the same gang trying to extend the time(matrx) they have to live as GODS.


Harsh weather conditions created great floods,created by the collective consiousness of humanity(amplifiers)


Beware what you wish(imagine)for, you just might get it.


Half way of the 26.000 years cycle,about 13.000 years ago, earth resided in the most dense(low vibration) ever experienced.


An ice age forced us to live in inner earth.This was the time that the fallen angels and their reptilian allies could influence humanity the most.Not able to escape the situation by scattering out over the land as nomads, on the survice of the planet.




The Mayan Dreamspell was written, telling us about wavespells and intentions(input from other planets connected to our DNA) of certain days(frequencies).These intentions(vibrations) are connected to your  inner knowing,your chakra’s and DNA.Preparing us for full consiousness AGAIN.Only possible when we become the same as our higher selves and our galactic family…acting in LOVE.


Remember all religions tells us to live in the schumann resonance.If a text pulls you out of love,then you may come to the conclusion that it is rewritten for ego minded reasons.These influences put you in fear.This is the way to discern feeling.Feel and ask yourself:Does this path have hart(resonance)?If your answer is NO, choose another path…and FEEL the difference.


Does the area aroung your higher and lower chakra feel warm?Do you FEEL the power flowing through you and flowing out through your feet to gaia and coming up again and back up through your crown chakra connecting to your higher selves(amplifiers of energy).


Do you understand this image better now?:,r:0,s:0,i:79&tx=103&ty=85




Can you imagine you are a receiver and transmitter.And as a receiver you can receive energy from a source that enlightens your ego DNA and thereby have certain moodswings äll of a sudden?Vortexes on earth have been deliberatly influenced to have a lower vibration.These vorteces also have a outwards flow of energy.This energy awakens the reptilian Ego DNA.


Mobile telephones,UMTS frequencies(electrosmog)




This is a very good exercise to “stalk”your routine in negative thinking and thereby to overcome negative input,using your personal power.


The four agreements:


also enough available on youtube about this.You must search and convince yourself by feeling what is wright.




The protection against negative input is living in the schumann resonance,living in the flow of the source’s energy.This provides a quicker manifestation of your intentions.


Visualising a colom of light around your being will intensify the result.Imagine, intend this.




Do you understand now,that the force of dormant DNA has a magnefying affect and the flow of light towards this dormant DNA is called electric.Together these forces are called the law of attraction.


You can look up some things about The electric universe on,for example:Youtube




Do you understand polarity in the self now, made by your own choices?




Can you understand that they learned from humanity,by observing the energybody of the humanity?Do you know what you do when your are asleep and dream?


Answer: your energy body leaves your body and acts in other dimensions.The energybody that leaves the physical body, flows the same way as an atomic bom:


Leaving the physical form.Parting energy from matter.




Maybe interesting to convince yourself about the reptilian bloodlines:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&bvm=bv.41524429,d.d2k&fp=a74865e1fcced2ca&biw=1429&bih=923




How do we see energy flowing through:


          the universe(by the source)


          dimensions(through the suns)


          planets(by inner suns)




          Our cells


          Every cell in existance


The light force(glue) feeding/keeping the intended physical form together?






Like this:




Are we captured in a cage of faraday?




Question: Are we all(male and female) SUNS of GO(O)D????????




Do you understand the symbolism of Maria standing with her foor on a serpent?.


Maria stands for the feminine principal,which resides in all of humanty:the hart and the chakra’s above represent this,the connection to higher dimensions.These chakra’s are the light(frequencies) that activate the christed extraterrestrial and angelic brain..and of course the matching DNA.She is master of her reptilian ego brain.Her Love overides the ego.Showing that the female principal is master(wisdom) of the upgraded reptilian ego brain(knowledge)..


A female also has a field of source residing in her body.It is her womb.Life can only begin to develope in the same frequency as the universe.


With a good hart womb connection she can awaken inner knowledge.She does not always have to consiousnessly connect to the inner sun of gaia,to awaken inner knowledge.


Beings with a male body can consiousnessly connect to the inner sun of hollow earth,activating the upward spiral of energy.


The hart/womb connection activates the GEN-isis(dna).And what did Isis stand for as a teacher:


Did she awaken(input higher frequencies) the grid again for everybody to “tap”into?To Re-member


She stands for many things:compassion,unity,love,empathy etc.These qualities in human behaviour are DNA codes from source to overide the lower chakra’s:the manipulated male principal in every human being.




The cristalorb of atlantis still exists in etherical form(energetically) and is in “hands”of the source.


It magnifies/increases the vertical input of the earthchakra’s.It moves in a horizontal fashion across earth(the earth’s assemblagepoint.)it exists on the edge of earth frequentional membrame(cocoon).the assembalgepoint shifts along the earth’s chakra’s.


People are “attracted”(vacation) to such place when the assemblage point is above these chakra’s.


Think why a lot of people are attraced to certain places..A hyp or an inner feeling that directs them to these places.


This energy is also knowm as the energy of the rainbow serpent.It moves like a serpent accross the earth,increasing the vertical energy input(schumann resonance/source energy))


Earth chakra’s: 




Adolf Hitler and Himmler had an incarnation as 2 of the brothers belial, who misused the cristalorb of atalantis for warfare. 




Lets see how they gained from the knowledge of  for example:Nicola Tesla(he also had an incarnation with the atla-ra of atlantis)


How did they try to maintain their matrix and maniplulated gaia’s outer frequency membrame?




During the eclips in august 1999 the energy coming from the sun changed from frequencies of  duality into frequencies of oneness,awakening the new chakra system.Because we had collectively intended to learn more.


These frequencies activated the higher chakra’s(DNA).


In the mid 90’s the Anunaki(fallen angels) surrended to the galactic federation and joined the galactic federation again, after DNA upgrading they joined the lightforces again to share their knowledge..They knew That the source would never let them go through with there plans.


The reptilian allies knew that higher frequencies were coming to earth and went through with the plan they had learned from the Anunaki.


And they kept the technologies that they had received from the greys.The greys’s home planet was destroyed by galactic wars.They gave goverments technology/knowledge for the betterment of humanity and for a place to stay.These  goverments used this technology to maintain the reptilian ego minded matrix.




-To maintain the frequency of the lower membrame they use Chemtrails which contain a pretty good conductor:metal and added enough other stuff to keep us “DOWN”


_ They use HAARP to regenerate a High frequency beam which is projected to dishes,connected to satelites surrounding earth’s atmosphere.These dishes direct these beams to the place of “inpact”.Can you “see”that they have created many Assemblage poinst around the earth to conduct an impact when their life in abundance is threatened or their game revealed(revelations)?


Can you also see that this is the same technique of redirecting source energy, is the same as the egyptians using mirrors to direct sunlight into dark places in the piramids?




If this beam has a wide spread frequency over a big survice on the chemtrails,you can manipulate the weather and if you magnify to a small survice, with a lower frequency you can use it for warfare.Creating for instance tsunami’s and earthquakes,telling other goverments:do as we say of something negative will happen!


_ as we want out of this matrix,so do the dark ones.They have created a very good tool for this:


CERN in switserland(just google and you will find it)


They have been manipulating earth’s cristalline energygrid and redirecting it towards this creator’s tool.That can create a BIG BANG.


The chemtrails and HAARP compress the energetic cocoon of earth’s energy.Like pressing a balloon.See the mouth piece of this balloon as CERN(exit).


Towards the galactic alighnment of 21-12-2012 the higher incoming energy excelerated to awaken humanity.The planets’s cristalline grids in alignment copied each others energy.You know that cristal copies  information which is contained in the planets framework/cristalline grids of all the planets in alignment.The Sun’s vibrations awakening the new program(DNA) and the blackhole taking the energy back to source that comes free by the awakened DNA:old programming.


Of course as many people can conclude the schumann resoance was not high enough(full power) to create a continuity.They needed pure source power for this.


Higgs Particle:


This god’s particle(pure source light) only exists in god’s creation:the Human form




The olympic arena:


This arena is build on 7400 ton of radioactive waste and has the same owner as the twin towers.It resides on ones of the world’s most powerful leylines.which is very important for this time”


The Roseline:


as you could see on the earth chakra map, the hart chakra is situated on this leyline(Mother England??).This line begins on skellig michael(ireland), goes through ireland and england,through France towards the piramids of Gizeh.From this Grid CERN get’s its power.


And Gold is the metal that can carry high frequencies tapped of from this cristalline grid.


Mary magdalin awakened this grid again as a lot of people know.


The People in the Arena were the higg’s Particle.Can you imagine if the arena would have exploded. 13 archons had to be in the arena to redirected this energy,as conductors, towards CERN.Do you understand the security in london,to prevent this.A lot is happening behind the scenes to protect humanity.


They could project their matrix into the blackhole(reaching higher dimensions) and take over Go(o)d’s House…without galactic intervention.


If they had their way they also would have the power over the incarnation proces.


People reading this and still working this system I have an eyeopener.You will never become powerful,they will never give you the knowledge to be equal,you will always have been a SLAVE.Just giving you enough knowledge(light) to maintain your slave part.


Blossom Goodchild(who had enough readers/PR) put an  meditation(opening olympics) out on the internet.


Redirecting energy towards the arena.We(lightworkers) as ONE created an upwards spiral overriding the dark one’s Matrix(intentions).The lightworkers were meeting our Galactic family half way.with our loving intentions:


-and as we know they intended to do it again on the 21st of december 2012:start up CERN


Nothing happened…Because of galactic intervention:divine intervention.


Do you understand now that they do not care about us or for example polution?


They were not intending to stay on earth!


Do you understand remaining in love overrides their matrix/programm?even a radioactive arena?




This is what they call stringtheory…simply explained.




If the dark ones have learned from humanity, can you see that cern is the same principal as the male phallus and the unviversal field is the same as the female womb???




Are these the new cristalline etheric umblical cords reconnecting the stargates(starsystems) again?:




Do you understand know that the time of fear is over and that it is just a feeling of not being in Love?




If you look at the following images of the statues on easter islands:


and ask yourself the basic question which all of us has asked ourselves in life: Where did I come from?How did I get here?


Do you see them looking up into the sky?the stars?the sun?




Do you know now that we were the God’s,lemurians,altlantians,piramidbuilders  and so on?


Because we were caught in this matrix,Believing lies?




Do you understand the difficult task of Barak Obama, who in fact is this(see at the bottom of this document):


He is fighting a galactic war with love…winning without fighting.The dark ones revealing themselves when not acting in love and compassion for humanity…always creating a losing team/duality.This man has been surrounded by many beings with destructive intentions, beings trying to avoid that humanity comes together as ONE.




Check your new chakra sytem out that is developping in all of humanity:




Now,can you understand  that the inhabitants of the planet NIBIRU, INTEND not to comes any closer to earth,because it’s energy vibrates  to high,to “match”the energy of earth?


Can you understand that they do not want to harm a member of their family?


When Nibiru comes closer the cristalline grid of earth copies the field of nibiru.The vibration of nibiru is a Bit to high at the moment>they are staying a distance to avoid eruptions of earth’s energyfield.


Do you understand that they LOVE us and waiting to be WELCOMED into our existance?


Take a look from our galactic family’s point of view.




Can you direct your energy back to the piramids(horizontal 2 way system) giving them energy.


And can you direct your energy to the obelisks on earth,creating a more powerful


Torodial field:,r:2,s:0,i:85&tx=155&ty=104


This energy will reach mankind in a horizontal fashion if we do this together,as ONE.




Do you understand that a human has merkaba fource field and is the same as the vertical input (schumann resonance)of the piramids?,r:5,s:0,i:97&tx=53&ty=166




do you understand that we also have a torodial force field to project it in to the ether in a horizontal fashion?




When we see the energy of the piramids and our body from above,do we see this?:




Can you imagine that oil dampens the vibrations caused by the piramids/stargates or other vertical input?




When we are returning to the consiousness of atlantis(paradise) can you understand the changing weather patterns.NO SEASONS




Will Nesara put us more back in the schumann resonance?Is negative thinking mostly regenerated by shortages such us  physical things as clothes,food,a home or lack of knowledge.


Do you see the vibrations shifting when Nesara will be enacted?




Can we inform innocent people who know nothing about this in a simple understandable way?








Thank you for reading this.


I hope that this document replaces Faith for Knowing a lot more.




Forgive me for the “poor”english.It is not my native language at the moment.








With Love






Electric warrior


The Netherlands.