December 23, 2012 | 106,325 views

By Dr. Mercola

Fish has made the news a few times lately. Some say Americans aren’t eating enough of it, while others warn of mercury dangers. It’s certainly a complex issue, as waterways are increasingly polluted and so many people are deficient in the omega-3 fats critical for health…

So, should you or shouldn’t you eat fish?

Here, I will review a few of the fundamentals that need to be factored in to help you optimize your diet while reducing your exposure to environmental toxins like methylmercury as much as possible.

Fish has always been the best source for the animal-based omega-3 fats EPA and DHA, but as levels of pollution have increased, this treasure of a food has become less and less viable as a primary source of healthful fats.

However, there are still exceptions, and the key is to understand which types of fish are the least contaminated.

Interestingly enough, and fortunately for us, the types of fish that tend to suffer theleast amount of toxic contamination also happen to be some of the best sources of fat and antioxidants. So, by choosing wisely, the benefits of a diet high in fish can still outweigh the risks.

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