Chakra energyIllness and dis-ease stems from our relationships. Mainly, the relationship we have with our SELF and our inner being.  The more disconnect we have with our inner being, the more it will be reflected in all of our relationships. Our relationship with the self, with other people, with our jobs, with our food, with our thoughts, with our emotions, with our body….. and everything in our environment is what will determine whether we are healthy and balanced or not. The stronger your relationship with your inner self, the stronger your relationship with your internal guidance system so you will be able to discern what is healthy for you and what is not. The stronger your relationship with your SOUL SELF, the stronger your ability to say YES…..this is in alignment with my highest good and NO…..this does not serve me, my health and my wellbeing. ~Sabrina If you would like to strengthen your relationship with your Inner Being, the “Raise Your Vibration” book will give you the tips and tools to help you re-connect to your higher soul and internal guidance system. Click Here for an overview of the book: