Being an evolved and aware Double Sag with an Aquarian Moon, what we normally term detachment has come quite naturally for me in my life. This is of course not true for everyone, we each have our gifts, strengths and things we are working on for our collective.

With a great deal of loving tutoring from the Metatronic Councils of Light I have come to know that detachment is often times just another shadow which keeps us imprisoned in the limited self. What makes shadows like this all the more difficult to see in ourselves is that they cloak and present themselves to us as a higher form or state of being and consciousness.


The shadow of detachment can lead us into isolation from the world of form we are an integral part of as a human being on Earth. It can tell us that we are “above” or “beyond,” transcending the world of form and thus often fuels our judgments of the world of form.


I will also take a brief detour here to explain the difference between a judgment and an observation. Judgment involves a polarized energy charge which usually shows up as some strong emotion. Observation has no energy charge, it has overview and neutrality. It simply allows us to witness something without any make-wrongs or imbalanced exaltation.


This state of observation is actually the type of consciousness that has been referred to as detachment by illumined masters. Those who read what such masters have shared commonly attempt to emulate this state and wind up in the shadow of detachment instead. All the while their ego is telling them that they are in a detached and superior state. I know this because I have been there!


Attachment/detachment form a polarity pair. All polarity pairs operate in duality, which is binary mode! To go trinary and move into a more unified state of consciousness requires that we find and understand the proper point of balance. This point of balance must incorporate the best of both polarities and transform both of their shadow states.


The shadow of attachment is that we feel and act as if we cannot live without something. The shadow of detachment is that we separate from things and people. The higher quality of attachment is connected engagement. The higher quality of detachment is grand overview witnessing.


To dispel the shadows and duality of any polarity pair we must achieve the higher qualities of both polarities as a single living energy form and state of consciousness. In the case of attachment/detachment this would mean moving into a connected engagement while maintaining our ability to witness self and reality from the point of an expanded overview.


The shadow of detachment trips up many well-meaning people though by eliminating the connected engagement portion of the equation and entering into separative states. How we each approach achieving proper balance is going to be different because we are each incarnated in differing types of energy patterns, each with their own unique purpose.


For me as a Double Sag with an Aquarian Moon, and thus an abundance of natural detachment energy that can often be separative and isolating, it means diving into life to fully engage reality head-on and not being so concerned about getting attached to things. It means really trusting in my natural state of detachment and transcendence as I take this headlong dive.


If you know your own energy system well enough, then you too can look to what your energy naturally is and better understand how you would approach depolarizing the attachment/detachment dynamic in your own life. You will have your own unique approach within any given universal principle.


If you need assistance with understanding your own unique energy system I am available for analysis and consultation to help you. Please contact me (hit reply) for details on this type of session work as I do not have it currently listed online.


Understanding your unique energy pattern in incarnation goes a long way to accepting and loving self and being able to align to what your soul’s purpose really is. It all serves Divine Oneness Love you know!