Articles by Paula Andrea Pyle

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Getting Honest Enough Is Always Honest!

The primary relationship must ALWAYS be with us, alone. To deny what seems to be trivial things creates an underlying bitter turmoil that at some later day must be confronted and dealt with. Better to voice the deeply embedded sensual needs, now! Stay real; that’s the karmic deal. If we continue to pretend we are interacting, when we KNOW, we are holding back, the only recourse, leads us to untold animosity and resentment. We need not be ashamed or fearful of expressing the depth of our sexual convictions no matter how they seem to be different from those we so closely associate. If at any time, the thought arises, “But what will he/she think about me IF I say or do that?” We need not only say it, but do it while we underline the topic three times in black magic marker, placing the message on a major highway billboard, if need be.

We only have a certain amount of days to experience earth life. Our precious ruthless soul dictates what those particular experiences will entail. But, in order to fully experience the passion underlying the mental impetus of our actions, we must show up for lives in full unpretentious attire. We cannot, will not, do not have to make allowances, invent excuses or offer explanations for feeling the way we do. How will we ever really know what drives us if we don’t rip open our superficial containers and let the unexamined contents spill out all over the floor? I’m 150% FOR EXPRESSSING genuine feelings; barring none! It makes for an ever increasing invigorating adoring life filled to overflowing with an abundance of laugher; love and liberty to be experienced. Don’t tell me you don’t want to know what it’s like to be truly unreservedly erotically, charismatically vibrating human! Of course you do, we all do.

straighttalkBottom line: If we try to deceive people, we are inadvertently trying to preserve something we feel is of benefit to us. The manufactured deceit is a clear indication we need to pull from the roots the tree of our hidden shame and examine it closely. WE are fearful we will lose something IF we tell the truth. But, contrary to our warped mind’s persuasion, should we continue with the elaborated farce, the result will inevitably bury us more under a blanket of irrevocable disgrace. We lose our self-respect regardless of how well we think we have fooled another. Impossible to conceal our motives from ourselves, self-loathing spreads like an incurable terminal cancer. No matter how much we try to disguise intent with flattering words or beguiling smiles, we are always revealed.

Dishonesty is never a good thing; most especially when we try to profit by it. At any chosen moment, we may free ourselves, and the other, by stopping to evaluate the unrelated importance and eliminate the pretense attached to our precarious position. We inherently KNOW what’s driving us to be so deceitful in the involvement? Why on earth are we involved with someone we don’t feel comfortable enough to open up, reveal and discuss whatever is bothering us? Is it really worth it to continue the ominous charade?





The undeniable fact that human beings are ruled by sexual gluttony is not a bad thing unless you deny it. It is the sacred artistic impetus. We are over-gorged with incessant thoughts concerning our sexual well being. We are far too consumed with unrelenting ideas (people, place, things) that suppose to matter but don’t. The irony of the situation is that you create your substandard sexual artist existence from these thoughts, alone. You do it. No one else does it to you. Your life (relationships, career, health and wealth) is hopelessly fragmented because of your own self deceit and unawareness. When you finally fully embrace the idea openly that you are sexually gluttonous, greedy and grievous, you will free yourself from being distastefully unattractively unappealingly divided. As long as you desire to be seen as decent, good, moral, caring, interested, loving, and kind (without recognizing your inner motivations of self gain) you will remain unhappy and unfulfilled.



J.O.Y. (Jokes on You)

Enjoy the Thrilling Boundless Esoteric Life
(The extraordinary found in the ordinary events of the day!)


Stop Hiding from Yourself!
It’s totally pointless and no FUN
We are all scared shitless of doing what we truly want to do. So, we load ourselves with untold obligations, responsibilities, duties and unnecessary burdens; all of which are nothing less than superficial contrived efforts to thwart our most cherished dreams. We hide ourselves under the ‘supposed bed of consideration and concern’ while our most passionate instincts go untapped and unfulfilled. The pulsating, gyrating vein of our sexually ignited creativity becomes twisted and distorted transforming and disfiguring us into a creature of unrecognizable origin. And, then we wonder why we’re unhappy. The fact is; we’re born as instinctive sexual beings needing to impregnate or be impregnated with unceasing flowering joyous ideas for ourselves and others. Our natural and convenient desire to reproduce and procreate stimulates us to move and have our being. We are walking, talking, breathing, and fertilizing human biological machines infused with adeluge of desired intent. We instinctively KNOW we are ruled by gluttonous pleasure! We are simply too spineless, lazy, indifferent and unmotivated {generated by fear} enough to proceed into the direction of seizing that territory. So, instead of moving ourselves to conquer, we use the over abundance of our innate creative force to produce an illusion of comfort and satisfaction. But, this illusionary state of false rest never lasts for long offering little in the way of consolation for the latent warrior spirit that resides within. It is written: “Be up and about thy Father’s business”, with good reason. We can none rest on our laurels IF we are to fulfill our individual destinies. How else will we see, be, know, and consume the inevitable without sufficient curiosity.






What do you mean you have felt like an outsider all of your life? [Like you somehow didn’t belong here; and IF you did you’ve never been able to discover your purpose]. Bullshit! The only problem is: you haven’t properly learned the rules of the game. Like CRAPS: if you establish the rhythm, you’ll come away a winner every time. While you’ve been busy carving out a rat’s hole for yourself to adapt, you’ve tried to emulate others, “doing your best to fit in”. You needed to impress and be impressed. How exhausting! The truth is: you never really impress anyone and neither are you impressed. You know that. What makes you are so unbelievably miserable comes from not knowing where you belong. You don’t know where you really want to be. You can’t find home, Dorothy!!! You don’t know who you are, what you want or what it would take to make you happy. And, you certainly don’t know what it is you want to do with the rest of your life. You try in vain to lock the doors, shut the curtains while you cover your head in bed. But, you only end up feelin g suffocated, debilitated and angry. So mad because you can’t snap your fingers and make it all better.

Sure. You’ve tried different things; with each hoping “IT” would be the one thing you’re looking for that would fulfill your needs. It’s not. So, you try educating yourself and then you realize you don’t really like what you are pursuing. The subject simply doesn’t interest you enough to spend your entire life doing it. It seems you are perpetually going round and round in circles ending up in the same ole’ place, facing the some ole’ dilemma not knowing how to resolve your particular situation. You know ‘in your gut’ there’s gotta be an answer for you. But, you just don’t seem to be able to find it.

The truth is: you don’t want to see it. Why? Because you will have to make some pretty hard choices and decisions based upon what you discover. You no longer will be able to maintain the face of inaccuracy. You’ll no longer be able to hide behind the façade of stupidity or the one that didn’t get20the breaks. Or, more impressively the one who simply couldn’t overcome the massive odds you faced as a child, “no one had it any harder than you”. How many times do you fall into that fish tank? No one every really ever understood or appreciated you. You had to hide most of your life from your family and friends. You must come clean with yourself and who it is you are and what it is you truly want.

Stop saying you were deprived of anything. That Clorox picture of awakening will involve a process of elimination. {The elimination of wanting to appear “good.”}A cleaning out the closets, if you will. You’ll overhaul certain aspects of your life that are currently hindering your personal progress. You will begin with your nasty “I’ve been done so wrong” attitude. It reeks! Next, send everyone that has attended your pity party: HOME. It’s time you spent some well-deserved time in worthwhile cosmic community service. Get in your secret chamber and don’t come out until you can stop lying to yourself and others. Start the process of physically unloading the excess junk in your home, relationships, career, car and life. Realize just how gluttonous your appetite is.(Perfectly alright/expected but not when it serves as a distraction or a means to pacify) You area voracious hungry animal who needs to be fed. Feed yourself first. Devour your life in unrelenting passion. Then and only then can you begin to live freely, authentically, sexually fulfilled and materially rich. It’s all about you! It aint about nothing or nobody else. Get with that and you’ll get it.