Jennifer HoffmanI have been noticing an energy type among some young Indigos, the generation born since around 1980 and I call it the “Prince and Princess energy.” It is an energy that involves past lifetimes as royalty, which brings forward a number of traits, depending on how it is expressed in this lifetime. In its most negative aspects, it manifests as an extreme sense of entitlement. In its more challenging aspects, it manifests as doubt and confusion about how to navigate life. This is a difficult energy whose purpose is to teach compassion, humility, connection, and self awareness.

In other lifetimes, these Indigos were royal children, often pampered and spoiled, held above others and because of their position, denied a ‘normal’ life where they could be what they wanted and interact with others in society. The outcome of their lives was pre-determined, including what they could do, how they could act, who they could interact with and marry, and they had a limited number of lifestyle choices. While we may think that it would be wonderful to be royalty and live this pampered, exclusive, and highly protected lifestyle, many of these children felt restricted, ashamed of the extravagance and abundance they enjoyed while others went without, they never knew true love, and were unable to live the life they wanted to live.

Those who, in this lifetime, express this energy as extreme entitlement will have to learn the lessons of humility and compassion at some point in their lives, often through financial or emotional struggle or loss. Others, who are confused and can’t seem to figure out how to decide their own life path, need strong guidance and encouragement so they learn how to make powerful choices for themselves. They often need guidance on how to develop their strengths and use their gifts because in their prince/princess lifetimes they were always told what to do and lived through what was expected of them. Being able to choose their own life path is really unfamiliar to them. And they can often reject abundance and success because of the burden this was to them in the past.

These energies have strong lessons attached to them and sometimes these Indigos will struggle for years until they come to terms with their former lifetimes and learn to receive and enjoy abundance that they create for themselves, while understanding that what they receive is not taken from anyone else. Those of you who have children like this probably get frustrated at their doubt and confusion, their inability to make life choices or, in the other extreme, their sense of entitlement which enables them to think that everything should be given to them. Realize that this is part of their life lessons and make your decisions accordingly.

And remember that they chose you as their parents so you could teach them and because you are their best and most powerful teachers who, in one sense, may not be able to give them the luxury they crave and think they should have (and that is why they were not born into a rich or royal family) or they will learn about work, commitment, their gifts and values from you because this is what they need to learn. And in time, they will resolve these lifetimes in powerful ways and learn to contribute to and receive from the world in ways that are balanced and that bring them joy.


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