From time to time I will share info from an ET contact. Sorry I can not at this time reveal this source, but shortly by December 21, all will be revealed.


Shadow government (cabal) wants to create an alternate scenario to reflect sunlight to prevent it from hitting humans due to the fact that it would mutate and change our DNA to a 12-strand helix. This is a counter action to the intervention of the Galactics who want to continue the transmutation and for us to ascend. The Cabal want humans to live in fear to create an alternate time-line where humans are enslaved in fear and constantly in wars.

Who is paying for the chemtrails?

Bill Gates and the top cell phone companies, the top banks such as City, J. P. Morgan and the international Banks are funding a planetary prison to prevent humans from ascending. Chemtrails are damaging crops, forcing the use of bad chemicals which will not provide nutrition and in the long term causes deficiencies in our immune system.

For babies it creates down syndrome and lower IQs. For adults lowers IQ and sperm count, causes cancer and accelerates AIDs and HIV, causing pre-mature deaths.

Bill Gates received funding from negative ETs (he has a contract with them), back-funding from the Shadow Government so all his technology will produce cancer.

Using TV, cell phones, the internet, appliances, radio to control your body thru frequency and the use of elemental weapons (HAARP, torsion field generators that have been acquired by China, Germany and Russia thru the shadow government) to poison our water, to create heat in the air, to ignite the air and to create an unhealthy orgone light-field that will disrupt a healthy human immune system. This will cause a rapid increase in bacterial growth on the human body and plants and animals. This created frequency thru technology that we use everyday to kill us . Even the electrical wiring in our homes!

The chemtrails consist of aluminum, barium, technate powder laced with nanites coupled with HAARP, satellites and a special electricity that flows thru the internet that sends your thoughts to CPU System facilities in Texas, San Antonio and Utah so that our immune system will fight this artificial frequency and therefore trigger the reptilian part of the brain causing us to live in fear and paranoia and causing our immune system to shut down.

The Shadow Government has a treaty with the parisitical reptilians. However, the reptilians can not stay here in our dimension because our consciousness level has higher frequency and we are toxic to them so hey are trying to lower our consciousness level, so they can ingest our life force and depend upon us for food, Sometimes they take over human bodies. The Cabal create mindless clones for their use, and those bodies eat other people. These are then the psychopaths, serial killers. In China there are people eating other people. Feasts, they cut people up, cook them and then Reptillians enjoy eating them.

Tranhumanism is project of the Cabal, the Reptilians, Grays to create cyborgs for mind control and enslavement.


Current President is trying to use psyops to give a reason for our government to attack Iran and start World War III.

Original Reptilians are no longer interested in enslaving humanity and have returned to the Light. (Anshara Treaty)

However, there is still a parasitic group that are helping to start the War before the election and to have the President declare martial law.

Planning to hasten all this with coupling their energies with the CABAL before the two-week election.

I need to apologize for my selecting the chemtrail info for this post. There is actually much info about our history, Mars, the Moon, and I am a very poor typist (hunt and peck) working from hand-written notes and so it will be awhile for me to bring this info here. I chose chemtrails because there has much discussion and a recent blog about them, so I believed it important to bring out this info.

I didn’t mean to leave it so negative.

The info states that there will be a replacement of the US present government by a new republic by the end of the year which is being worked behind the scenes by the Galactics, Agarthans and to be helped by the Chinese. There are over ten million ETs in the US and over a 100 million world-wide ground crew. All this will be announced on all media. Ets will then land directly on earth.

The elites or shadow government have plans to escape to outside our solar system because they believe that Nibiru will collide with earth. Nibiru is here and is hiding behind the sun. It can be seen from Alaska and Antartica and be seen at sunrise or sunset using dark glass like welder’s glass.

It will become a very bright object between December and March. It is actually a spaceship appearing as cold planet and may get close enough to cause some seismic problems on earth. There are still time-lines that have not been decided yet and so there remains a possible need to remove everyone from the surface either by going on ships or to inner earth. The ships are currently cloaked and some are as big as Jupiter. Or the Galactics are able to deal with earth problems and so no need to evacuate.