I think it is time for the information about star elves and the pa-taals from someone that truly knows this stuff, from someone who is in it´s true form one of this beings. I got heartbroke over the propaganda one guy on ACC wrote here. It was both laughable and heartbreaking. So I thought it is about time to tell you about the TRUTH about this beings and how it truly was and not that propaganda that person came with here!

I AM PRINCESS ANIELA MIKAELA, AN AINU-RA PRINCESS, let me tell you about my people and the warriors called for Pa-Taal´s. I come from a very old soul clan named Ainu-Ra witch is one of the few oldest soul clans in existence. Some other old soul clans are Aton-Ra, Amon-Ra, Mem-Ra and Shin-Ra.

StarElvesI and my people, the star elves comes from Urversa, Orvonto! We are also called for HIGH Elves, Golden Elves and even as Ashands the silver elves. Our star city ship is named Star Of Avalon and is the biggest mother ship up there in space. Our mother ship/star city is shaped like a saucer simply because the saucer type is the easiest and fastest to move around in space with.

The Pa-Taals are star elves and chruish-nir warriors, they are also called for warriors of the light and for gods warriors. They fight for the light and for god all mighty against evil and darkness.

Once my people went on a mission by order of the all mighty father, god to go out and create worlds for his children in new star systems and help out the star systems that was infested with evil and darkness to help them ascend to higher dimensions and become more spiritual and in that way make gods biggest wish to create an utopia for his children, a heaven on earth with no misery or suffering. Every soul clan got their task from god, but It was the Ainu-Ra that was chosen to go to this solar system to this dimension. My dear friends, since we are 12D we could not just go straight a head from 12D- 3D. That would have been a huge chock for us and we would most likely not been able to handle that…So on the way here we created worlds in the 11D,10D, 9D, 8D, 7D,6D and 5D where it needed to bee created new worlds and helped the existing worlds from loosing their density because of the evil dark once, at the same time we experienced slowly the density of the lower densities so it wouldn´t bee to big of a chock for us. You have to realize dear friends that the dark once had not only attacked this dimensions with their evil and nasty tricks .NO, they have tried to concur other planets to in the universe. So it was decided by our loving father, god that something MUST BEE DON and he decided that we should go create new worlds, a new utopia, a heaven on that planet and fight off the evil that was pestering this universe, by the evil once.

What startled me was when I saw that the guy that was claiming that the Pa-Taals lost the fight against the Dracos. That my beloved friends are pure bullshit! Let me remind you that the Pa-Tals are the universe best and most advanced warriors that exists in the universe. If the Dracos would have won the battles this universe would have been far more darker and evil that it is today. So no, the Pa-Taals did not loose the fight at all…

We finally arrived here to this Dimension 450.billion years ago. This solar system looked a bit different back then. Back then there used to bee a earth like planet almost the size of Jupiter named MALDEK T. That planet was over run by evil since the draconians and it´s minions had taken full control over the planets inhabitants, that they where beyond help pretty much all of them. We knew where it was going…and it sure did…they eventually blew up their own planet with this mass destruction weapons in the end. However only a small group managed to escape and survive before the planet blew up by their own evil doings. That is why we and other higher density being started to intervene because we simply saw where it was starting to end up again, and we wanted to avoid that at all cost. That is why the GFL destroyed the mass destructions weapons that this evil cabals where secretly making. Because if the GFL would not have started to intervene when the mass destruction weapons where evolving to a critical and very dangerous point this earth would most likely end up exploding by this weapons of destruction in distant future and THAT needed to bee avoided at any cost and THAT made the GFL including us very concerned.

We , the star elves warriors, the pa-tals fought off the draconians and won the battle. But unfortunately the planet was beyond any help and exploded in the end by their inhabits own advanced mass destruction weapons. The asteroid belt you see is the remains of that planet. Our people who wasn´t going to fight off the dracos and their evil minions concentrated in creating a new planet one of thous creators where Christ Michael Aton in his true Aton-Ra form. The planet witch we later on named to Gaia, the very planet that is also called earth and Terra. When the dracos had retreated and left this solar system we decided to leave and let gaia take form into a inhabitable planet, we where required elsewhere, another solar system needed our urgent help,because of this evil once.

I will tell you now something, The fisrt place Christ Michael Aton ever created was Nebadon and there fore he is known to come from there. But the truth is he is actually an Aton-Ra one of us star elves and pa-taals in his true form, from one of the oldest soul clans in existence just as Ainu-Ra. It was decided by god that Ainu-Ra would together with Christ Michael Aton witch comes from the soul clan Aton-Ra go to this dimension and create a heaven on earth. However Christ Michael Aton is reincarnated as a 5D pleiadean today and his true Aton-Ra body is in hibernation meanwhile his soul is in a 5D pleiadean body.


Anyways, after coming back here 200.000 back from now, the earth had become already inhabitable. We found out shortly after our arrival that the reptilians and their minions had already taken gaia to their territory. They had played a very nasty evil trick on us that I can tell you! Since we where forced to go help out elsewhere because of this evil dracos and their minions, some of of this dracos and their minions was lurking not far away from this solar system waiting….waiting for the right opportunity to take control of planet gaia and claim it to their own as soon as it was inhabitable. So after we had don what was required from us elsewhere and came back here gaia was overrun with reptilians such as dracos and their minions. We fought them off and Christ Michael Aton in his true Aton-Ra star elve form created the humans. He used some DNA from the star elves and some from Andromeda, pleiades to name a few geens. The geene that the dracos tried so desperately to illuminate from our genetic structure is the star elve geen also called for the geene of god, or the divine geene. This geene is the geen that will activate the 7 and 12 charkas later on also witch will bee available in the higher densities. This process takes time because first we need to ascend to 5D and along with gaia. after that gaia and her people will ascend 6D and move forward from there till one day in very very VERY distant future end up in the 12D a true heaven on earth, gods ULTIMATE plan for his beloved children witch he loves so unconditionally much and we the Ainu-Ra,Aton-Ra, Amon-Ra, Mem-Ra, Shin-Ra also loves so unconditionally much, so much so that we took on this mission on our hands, to help gods children by our own will. To help gods children get off from the claws of this evil dark once. Because that is what we do, it´s in us, a part of our soul.

Well anyway, when the dracos and it´s minions where defeated and after Christ Michael Aton had created the bodies of the humans, we started reincarnating and have been doing so for 200000 years. We have been reincarnating here ever since, helping gods children evolving and ascending, we knew that some dracos still was hiding down here among the humans that Christ Michael Aton had created….You see Gaia was in higher density back then, all up to 8D then but because of the dracos, its minions and it´s evil deeds, like scare tactics, manipulations etc. earth and it´s people´s density started to go backwards. If we would not had started reincarnating here this earth and peoples density would have become 1D in the end, the absolute perfect place for the evil dracos and their minions, a world of ultimate chaos and suffering, just in their evil liking..160000 years back from today the small group who managed to escape Maldek T arrived here! THIS GROUP my dear friends was the once that are known as the CABAL,ILLUMINATI AND THE ELITE. After they arrived things  took a change to the worse, like we did not have enough trouble with tiny few reptilians and their minions that where hiding on this planet already, the few that went to hiding when the rest of them retreated. Then the group the so called the cabals,illuminati,the Elite, the group that had blew up their own planet into pieces came here and settled in and started to cause big trouble as well. This ended in a drastic decreased in earths density as well as it´s people.

The reason why we did not use or true form is actually not that hard to realize if you start to think! Since my people had been away from home for so very long our bodies has become more used with space than living on a planet and there for we are so called star elves.

If you ask me if I get home sick and would want to return home to Uriversa Orvonto my answer is yes, of cause. Have been a few times I have been homesick actually, but the people need our help and it is helping gods children that enlightens my soul and makes me very very happy. Our planet is a gorgeous place and for many it  would bee a true paradise, the elves and animals there are living in true harmony, the sky are clear and blue. The oceans, streams and lakes are clear and the forest are green and clean. Absolutely a gorgeous place. No pollution no toxins just a pure and clear world with pure and deep unconditional love to both animals and elven people that lives there and to all other living beings in this universe.

The Star Elves and Pa-Taal technology is far more advanced than any of the species of the lover densities and believe me when I say, the star elves and Pa-Taa- technology has advanced even further the 200000 years I and my fellow Ainu-Ra, Aton-Ra,Amon-Ra, Mem-Ra, Shin-Ra brothers and sisters has been reincarnation here. Some of us had even children when we started to reincarnate here and now we have grandchildren,great grandchildren, great great grandchildren and so on.


In the star city of Avalon there is a HUGE hibernation room. In that hibernation room the true bodies of the Ainu-Ra, Amon-Ra, Aton-Ra, Mem-Ra and Shin-Ra witch are now reincarnated in a human body, are resting. The bodies are inside a transparent container, or casket if you want to call it that. Some of the Anu-Ra pa-taal warriors that are reincarnated here on this planet right now is general Ad-Rael, one of the bes pa-taal generals up there at the star city of avalon. A nother mighty pa-taal general witch also is an Ainu-Ra prince, is Prince Lucien Aluriel. The name Lucien Aluriel means GOD´S BREATH OF LIGHT. General Prince Lucien is also my beloved husband. He has an identical twin brother named Lucas Aluriel. Prince Lucien Aluriel is called for the walking breath taker by the girls, cause of his great looks. Prince Lucien Aluriel has long thick black hair that goes all the way to his butt almost, he has black brown eyes and ginger bread brown skin, witch he has got from his father. He has gorgeous and stunning pointy elven ears too. Well that was a little about my husband. There are other great warriors reincarnated down here too  to name a few of them Sham Raguel including Sean-Mak and his brother Sven-Mak. I Princess Aniela Mikaela is not the only one among the girls reincarnated here. My dear friend Jen-Rock and Yavanah is also reincarnated on this planet in a human body to name a few close friends and family that are reincarnated here.


The star elves and pa-taals scout ships and war ships can reach Alcyone or Taygetha in just 3-5 minutes if they let the ship go on full speed. With a 5D pleiadean ship it would take around 5-7  days to reach to pleiades. The star elves pa-taal ships can also create artificial wormholes and warp holes. The star elves pa-taal ships can get clocked and can´t bee picked up by the Nasa radar or any other radar for that matter, like the nasa radar can easily do to the other space ships. the star elves and pa-taal saucers can prevent any form of armour or weapons from fireing, the guns, missiles etc gets failure for example… even the smaller mother ships have this tech and so even the mother ship, star of Avalon.


All GFL scout ships has been all renewed with the star elves pa-taal tech to avoid the GFL members to bee unwanted seen by the radars and so the officers and the others can keep an eye on the evil once to prevent them from creating mass destruction weapons secretly again amongst other things. Even the GFL warships are renewed.This are rarely used at all but they are available for eventual huge big threat. But this warships are not meant to kill like the dark once ships. This warships have shields and also the laser beam is a cleansing laser that will penetrate trough the ship and hits the being and cleanse the beings soul from evil. This laser may hurt how ever just as an Archangels blue faming sword of light hurts when it touches the beings skin, but it wont kill. But naturally it is an unspeakable pain for an evil soul when the divine, pure flame of light touches the skin of a dark soul. This flames and beams dosn´t hurt a divined souls at all, just the once with a evil and dark soul. This weapons cleanses their soul from evil so to speak. After that they are taken to a 1D world to start from scratch so to speak…


My dear beloved friend my apology if I can´t remember the names of all the planets we have created and been to. It is to many for me to remember. Besides I have never been so good in remembering names like my dear star elve pa-tal brothers and sisters. I remember events more easily than names like my husband and my star elves and pa-taal family and friends does. They are better in remembering names than I am.


Please just because I am an Ainu-Ra princess…no need to go down on your knees and calling me a royal highness. No need to do that unless you want to do so by own free will. Just bee yourself dearest once!


I AM PRINCESS ANIELA MIKAELA, AN Ainu-Ra princess, aka Light Diva down here in this planet!


My warmest blessings and unconditional love to all of you

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