And another in (the caption for the photo next to it says it was a 747 in 1969)…page&q&f=false



Here’s a photo of what looks like the same system taken in 2005. A doctored version of this commonly shows up in Chemtrail groups:…-LR/0855967/L/


Here’s the same plane, showing all the test equipment and computers:…-LR/0855966/L/


And some more from 2003:…ng%20room.html


And another of the 777. This one is also heavily used by the chemtrail web sites.


This A380 upper deck photo (from 2005) is commonly used by chemtrail promoters as “proof” of chemtrails:

“Upper deck view showing ballast tanks on the A380 G-WWOW. 15th November 2005”


This one is the A380 ballast barrels from an article in the Seattle PI.…-A380-3281.php







A nice HD image of the A380 upper deck:…cb0ea6dcd94164…cb0ea6dcd94164


More from the A380:



Another A380-861…cb0ea6dcd94164


This is a nice one as it shows the ballast tanks behind the seats:…cb0ea6dcd94164

The following are from a 747-8F, from Aviation Week

 Water ballast barrels in the Section 41 nose section for center of gravity testing. We counted 33 in all for the whole aircraft, each of which holding around 1,000-lbs.”


“Between the ballast barrels around 16 racks of test equipment and engineer’s test stations occupy the bulk of the main deck.”

“The reel mechanism for deploying and stowing the trailing static cone sits on the main deck just forward of the aft pressure bulkhead.”

Here’s a close up of the barrels one the 787 taken during a tour. Note there’s a placard on the right explaining the water ballast system.…




Another of the 787, taken from a different airshow:

Here’s the 787 showing all the test equipment:…n/photostream/

Another 787 image, from Wired:…-boeing-747-8/

“Water ballast tanks used to control center of gravity during test flights. These tanks are filled with water and engineers can transfer water between the tanks during flight to shift the weight of simulated cargo or passengers. The center of gravity, or CG as pilots call it, is important to the flight characteristics of any airplane. During flight test, Boeing must ensure the plane is safe and efficient at full forward and full aft CG as well as any combination between the two.”


This one is a bit unusual, it’s a test BAe-146-300 from 1989. The ballast here is lead blocks! But there’s also a single blue barrel at the back of the plane:…cb0ea6dcd94164