intel[kktwahoo] XXXXXX – Couple of things:

[kktwahoo] [In Iraq they are] Limiting who can come in and leave Iraq now.

[kktwahoo] PP [Regarding Prosperity Packages] – a shout out to people from another site.  [There are]
about 50,000 [ PP holders who] want to say hello to you..

[kaycee]    There are 1, 2 and 3 tiers [of PP prosperity packages] that have been delivered already.

[kktwahoo] – –  PP Tiers 4 and 5 will be delivered soon.

[kaycee]    They are calling for a potential RV this weekend.

[kktwahoo] Yes, My sources are [ also ] calling for an RV this weekend.

[kaycee]    The [low place-holder] rate of $3.22 plus 20% [is what] I have been saying for the last couple
weeks. I wanted to keep the rate low so if it came out high you would feel better about it.

[kktwahoo] Want you to NOT be upset if it is lower.

[kaycee]    The bank rate is going to be $12.86!

[kaycee]     And the CBI [Central Bank of Iraq] rate will be $13.18.

[kaycee]     The reason I believe this rate is correct is because it comes with a verbage that there will
be a 30 cent spread on the rates. Treat that as rumor.

[kktwahoo]  This [info] will probably get out there – to other sites, etc.

[kktwahoo]   I do want people to understand that the [major global] trust packages are going to push the
RV forward.

[kktwahoo]   [These huge funds] Have to push liquidity [into the debt-ridden banking] system.

[It’s a struggle for banks to remain liquid with “cash” during an event this big, with people wanting to withdraw money rapidly to buy silver, gold, etc. A million people will be wanting to wire money out to other banks and move money to pay off car loans, debts, and mortgages. The global and other major trust funds will provide adequate “liquid cash” to make this possible.]

[kaycee]     We were supposed to go to an asset-backed currency on the 20th of next month.

[kktwahoo] [Delivery of the Prosperity packages and the RV is] All tied together.

[kktwahoo] Prosperity Packages are the drivers for the RV.

[kktwahoo] [There are] Some other [Major] trusts out there that are supposed to be delivered
tomorrow night or Friday that will launch the RV.

[kktwahoo] Historian – The mainstream news [will be] talking about settlements to legal cases that have
been hanging out there for decades in some cases.

[kaycee]    There is out there in the real world [all] the pieces that match what WK is talking about.

[kktwahoo] All of these things are part of the overall financial system – whole big network.

[kktwahoo] They happen together.

kaycee]      It’s going to be called the Economic Recovery plan. Not an RV and Not an RI.

[kktwahoo] Will not be called RV nor RI – will be called “The Economic Recovery Plan.”

[kaycee]     VND [Vietnaum Dong is] still showing up at .478 [47.8 cents per Dong] on the back bank
screens. Also showing up at Wells Fargo.

[kktwahoo] Manager at WF – got to know him – [they are] selling a lot of dong now. —

[kaycee]     Asked if i could cash in Dong – he said no, that’s what they are trading for. Can’t do
anything with it until it hits the front screen.

[kaycee]    They were hoping to get $2.22 [rate on the Dong.] They were there [at that rate] years ago. if
they come out at 48 cents, more power to them.

[kaycee]    A lot of excitement out there with regard to prosperity packages.

[Other topics omitted here] – – –

kktwahoo]  PP Tier 2 – $2.4 billion is in their trust – Tier 1 and 2 are 100% compliant [also].

[kktwahoo]  Need to get 70% complaint for all of the PP deliveries. Was told to stop saying things.

[kaycee]     Career paths can change – livelihoods can change.

[kaycee]     Can’t tell you the whole story. There are things we can’t say.

[kktwahoo]  Sometimes like it is scripted and broken up.

[kaycee]     Historian – there are things that I have not even mentioned – Things I have been aware of
for years and cannot say anything about.

[kktwahoo]  Sometimes I have to say not a word. I think we will be seeing major changes soon.

[kktwahoo]  [The changes] Will radically alter how we look at life. Focus on getting your exchange
when it happens.

[kaycee]     Whatever you do, don’t try to take any radical action. [There] Will be significant
adjustment for the world. They will still be adjusting 25 years from now.

[kktwahoo]  Will still be adjusting 25 yrs from now?

[kaycee]     It will be life changing – will not even imagine – lots of things will be changing into a
context that we have not seen before. Just remember “Ron Paul.”

[kktwahoo]  Life will be changed to a context we have not seen before.

[kaycee] – – –

[kktwahoo]  This group has asked me to participate in discussions.