VATIC ALERT: Suicided Insider: U.S. Ambassador Killing an Inside Job!

Posted by September 18, 2012
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This is it folks,  this is a must read and listen and ACTION, or we end up getting what we ask for if we do not ACT on this info.   This man DIED TRYING TO GET THIS INFO TO US.   Please lets not have his death in vain.  Read, watch and ACT.  He gives us the true skinny on Romney.  Wolfowitz will be in his administration, and he is a big fat neocon who has orchestrated all  of this to date.  No Romney, write in Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich.   If we do not, then the battle becomes much tougher.  No Israeli voting machines either.  Oh, and a call out to the British people….. stop your armada heading toward the gulf,  its guaranteed we in Europe and in the USA will be nuked by Israel and blamed on the Iranians.   Time we turned our naval fleets around and headed for Israel to remove all the dispora Jews and palestinians,  then blow the hell out of the khazars.  I am sick of them. Remember the IRan President is one of them, so ARE THE US SHIPS BEING SET UP FOR TOTAL DESTRUCTION AND THE FULL CONTINGENCY OF MARINES ON THOSE SHIPS DESTINED TO DIE BY THE HAND OF TREASON????  WE WILL FIND OUT SHORTLY.

Vatic Note:  Oh, my Gawd,  No wonder they suicided him. The Doctor is Jewish and he is exposing the true underbelly of all of this. It fills in all the gaps. Alex just interrupted him in the middle of his  expose of all of this.  That interruption of his explanation may well have cost the man his life, since he did not finish what he wanted to say.  Now  we won’t get the balance of what he was saying.   He never mentioned that the saudi family is also Jewish, or Khazar, nor did he get a chance to explain the role of Britain in all  of this as well.  Britain in NOT our ally, just like Israel is NOT OUR ALLY either. Both have manipulated us into destruction as JFK warned us before he was killed.   Your going to have to listen to this several times to catch all that he was saying.  Notice he said that a separate intel agency was set up internationally which then was under control of the globalists.  He didn’t use that word, but it means the same thing…… listen for it and stop the audio and go back and replay it…. its what we have been saying for a while now.  THE CIA DOES NOT WORK FOR THE USA, RATHER BRITAIN AND ISRAEL.  OR ROTHSCHILD BANKERS.  ALL OF THE BANKERS must go as well.

Ahhh,  this is the reason the neocons sabotaged Jimmy Carter….. I always wondered what happened, listen to his explanation.  Jimmy Carter was in the end, a hero and paid the price for it.   He says that Netanyahu will be the new Hitler setting Israeli up for another holocaust in order to get the US into another World War III.  Now,  Remember,  VAtic Project proved on this blog that Netanyahu and his neocons are NOT  DISPORA JEWS…. THEY ARE KHAZARS.  And they have no love for the real Jews, so they use them  as a front for their satanic agendas that will result in global armageddon with Khazars left standing and the globe destroyed,  and that is why these animals set up the seed bankand underground facilities and all of this he says will happen in October or there abouts.

This is serious and we need to call our reps and tell them NO WAR, STAY AWAY FROM IT, LET THE BRITISH DO THIS ON THEIR OWN…. ITS WHY THEY SET UP THE KHAZAR SAUDI ROYALTY BACK IN 1920′S AFTER WW I to garner control over the oil in the region and why they created Israel as the vehicle for garnering control for them in the middle east, all of this has been a set up to bring down the US and turn all our natural resources,  land, wealth, and people back to the British to control.   Tell our reps,  get rid of Israel out of our country, out of our white house and out of the Pentagon and intel and homeland security.   Demand it now, not later, NOW…. or we will experience something never before experienced in this country, the deaths of millions of our people, your relatives, children, and friends, co-workers, right before our very eyes.  Remember, israel stole those Russian Nukes when the Berlin wall fell,  so you know they will nuke us and blame it on the Muslims.

This has got to stop.  AND ONLY WE CAN DO IT…. NO ONE ELSE.  CALL YOUR SENATORS, REPS, WHITE HOUSE ETC.  PROMISE THEM WE WILL “NOT” fight and die  for ISRAEL.  Call the Pentagon and tell them to hang in there with Petraes and not fight this war…… no one sign up or go to war that is bogus.  Trust me, the reps will hear the anger and commitment in your voice to not support anything for  Israel until she goes back home and behaves herself or leaves the planet.  THIS IS IT AND ITS UP TO US, ONLY WE CAN STOP THIS WITH MASSIVE CALLS TO WASHINGTON, SO START TODAY AND DON’T GIVE UP, PASS THIS ALONG AND HAVE OTHERS CALL AS WELL.   THANKS LIFE FORCE FOR SENDING THIS.

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Critically acclaimed author and former State Department official Steve Pieczenik talks with Alex about the unfolding geopolitical situation in the middle East and who will start world war three.

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