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A lot of people have been asking questions regarding September 21, 2012. For those of you that have not read my books, this alignment was shown to me during one of my experiences. I was told something important was going to happen. No matter how many times I asked for clarification, I was never shown exactly what was to happen. All they gave me was an alignment of numbered and named dots one of which was labeled cheese. I drew this under regression June, 2002 with my eyes closed I might add.


May, 2006 I was contacted by an astronomer from Ireland. He said he found my post regarding the dots on my old website after I did a radio show. He said he figured it out and that it was an alignment of the planets in our solar system, and that it was a date. “Picture #1″ is a copy of the chart he attached.”


Not long after that a researcher involved with my case named Alejandro Rojas using a different program also came up with date at the same time, see “picture #2”.


We waited anxiously hoping it would not be some sort of global catastrophe. September 21, 2012 came and went and I am relieved to say that nothing bad has happened to the world! It seemed the nothing was going to happen at all, then the email started coming in. It wasn’t anything big but it was the small things that seemed to be happening all over the place. Not counting all the sightings that where coming in it seemed things where being changed subtly. Searching for anything out of the ordinary, I found out that millions of enlightened people from all over the world had come together that very day to pray for the world.

I also found out that a foundation for free energy called the Keshe Foundation tried to release some free energy


Later on that night when I was going to the store I realized that maybe what was happening was not meant to be an earth shattering event at all, maybe it was something in the background behind the scenes, something good that would start to change the world or maybe it was just something to do with me? As my mind reeled from the possibilities I walked in to the house around 11 PM, grocery bags in hand. I had not been in the house more than two minutes when Lisa came running up and said that a friend that lived east of us about 20 miles had just called, and said that a small fleet of 5 amber colored UFOs just passed over them and was coming our way, to keep a look out. Lisa then said she had just looked outside and saw nothing. I immediately dropped the grocery bags and ran out through the garage to the front yard. I was floored when I looked up and saw not just one but three large pure white very bright UFOs hovering directly over our house! Yelling it wasn’t long before everyone was outside watching these things playing about in the night sky. It was as if they were playing a game of tag. Unfortunately even though I had my camcorder with me it was too dark for the stupid thing to film so all we got was audio.


Luckily the next day I was sitting on the back deck about 2:00PM and had just gotten off the phone when something in the sky slightly east of me caught my eye. What I saw was even more impressive then the night before and in broad daylight. Whatever it was, was huge, and I estimate that as far up as it was it must have been a mile long at least. It shimmered with waves of light as if it was a strange sea creature with undulating ciliamade of light. This time using my cell phone I got three pictures before it flew away.



Oddly enough I took the pictures the same time some of our friends showed up for a stay over. Later that evening both our friend and I saw what looked to be a tall bluish being standing out on my back deck, walking towards the sliding glass doors. When we went to go investigate it had vanished.


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