From: Brel
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 7:03 PM
Subject: odd feeling

On another List, a Star Nation Captain’s of what We would call a Mothership, I believe It to be parked behind
Jupiter as It’s too big to come any closer, daughter’s incarnated Human this time around, has confirmed to her –
their Pleladian – that Mother Earth will indeed experience the 3 days of darkness at the end of this cycle,
before starting the next one.

The only thing We don’t really know is the exact end date of the cycle, although the latest one that I heard is between
21/10 and 21/12 this year.

Joan Ocean, who has lived in Hawaii for thirty years, had an audience with a group of their elders, and one of the
things that They told her was that in ancient times, there was no moon.
This fact had been passed down the generations by their version of Sharman.
It is an artificial construct in order to make all life ‘smooth’ on Mother Earth.

Last night when I took my young dog Cassie 2yrs, for a walk, I looked up at the moon in It’s new moon phase,
and it’s the first time I can ever remember seeing the part of the moon We normally see, but I could also see
clearly the line of the rest of the moon, where it intersects with the sun.

I just had a thought.
I wonder, as this next 13.000 years is decreed as being of a positive nature, whether the 3 days of darkness thing,
allows the Star Nations who are in control of our sector to reposition the moon, so that what has always been the
so called ‘darkside’ which We never see, becomes our side to see, for this part of the cycle.

This would in turn cause absolute havoc with the PTB, who would of course know this, because the moment that All the amateur
astrologers worldwide start looking Up again, once We’re back in synch, then All that which has been hidden, up there,
would no longer be.

Their construct of the past 2.000 years would suddenly start looking rather shaky, and crumble, wouldn’t U All
Hence, about seven eights of our Human population, has a lot of waking up to do, and very very quickly.

Interesting Huh.

Thursday, September 20, 2012 6:03 PM
Subject: Re: [Kangaroo Road] odd feeling

I can verify that I’ve been feeling it too. My stress level is way up and I feel like something is about to happen. Things feel OFF. On another list, there has been evidence unfolding of time line edits that many of us remember. I’m sure that there have been many changes which we don’t remember. I’ve also felt the earthquakes that are not an earthquake, which can leave you stumbling or a bit queasy or disoriented.
> On 9/19/12, ………… … wrote,> >
> > I have no sense of an earthquake, planet wise.
> >
> > But what you maybe sensing is a earthquake etherically wise.
> > Something is occuring and has been for sometime…. .as I referred previously
> > to it, as `Undercurrent’ s….
> > the surface of the Ocean (global consciousness) looks and seems calm, but
> > underneath in the Undercurrents
> > things are happening.
> >
> > View it like the Matrix (movie I am referring too) where the outer layer of
> > the Matrix everything was normal..or
> > `calm’…but underneath in the tunnels etc….much was occurring.
> >
> > TPB….keep surface things looking/remaining unchanged… .but….if you are
> > aware of the minute..and I do mean
> > Minute….changings underneath that surface….then it tells you much.
> >
> > Hope that resonates… .something is occuring…. but for that each and
> > everyone must find out… I cannot do it
> > for you, as you cannot do it for me.
> >
> > This is all on individual basis….which. ..yes we will then become
> > more…but ALL MUST AWAKEN…not only some