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Dear Jean,

astrology-painting-sun-moon-zodiac-signsEverything started for me on your blog only a few months ago. And now everything has changed and is turned up side down, I learned so much following subjects you brought up and started my own research. Now I want to share with you some of my findings. Thank you very much Jean, hugs!

On Monday 8th of July 2013 at 12:00 a.m. Cairo time a cosmic cycle, the hidden House of Taurus has just ended, and a new cosmic cycle, the House of Gemini has just begun. At this moment, where the Sun is exactely over Cairo, Aries (Eris in the sun) is “arising” as ascendent in the east. This will be the first time since the beginning of this cycle, that ascending Eris in the galactic House of Eris will not find the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter in the very next galactic House to her, which is the House of Taurus. Eris is not empowered by the galactic House of Taurus anymore. At this moment all those planets are reunited in the House of Gemini, the 3. House or Rashi, the House of Harmony and Balance, the House of the loving Children. The spell is over!

To imagine this easier, you can have a look at an Indian Rashi chart.The planets according to Indian astrology are supposed to inhibit twelve different signs.I n the middle is the Galactic Center, which symbolizes the 13.

When you type in July 8th 2013, Birth Time 12:00 am, Chart Type: Southern Indian, Location Cairo – Egypt, you can have a look at what I just tried to describe. This makes it really much easier. The most important aspect of it is, that the Ascendent Aries in the 1. House is at 0°38’51” and the planets are all together now in the 3. House of Gemini. When you put in 7th of July 2013, 12:00, you see Aries is in 359°16’59” and the Moon is the last planet still in the 2. House of Taurus. But on the 8th of July begins a new cycle, the era of Gemini which has moved one house away from Eris and also has another ecliptic, cause the cycles are spiraling upwards.
Everything points now to this point of singularity, that happens in three days. You can also take a regular geocentric chart, so to say you can even use the uncorrect tropical calculation and eventhough the original zodiac signs are by now nearly a whole zodiac sign away from where this calculation puts them (the difference is by now 24° compared to the sideral calculation), it still shows us what is happening at this moment: Libra, the Balance is arising, Eris is going down the horizon and Gemini is in the zenith empowered by the sun.

Also Goethes “Hexeneinmaleins” in Faust brings you to this exact date and also points out the magic spell (mental will plus alchemical pre-positions). Or try to put in other important places you are interested in the Rashi Chart or actually every other astrological chart you like. You will always find that the 8th of July 2013 marks the turning point. Maybe someone of you is going to look at Jerusalem, there is some kind of intersting connection with Cairo. If so, I would love to hear with what you are coming up.

Cairo’s official coordinates are by the way: N 30°03’00”, E 031°15’00”. It looks to me that this might be the place where the deceivers tried to manipulate time and since then we lived in an illusion. The deceivers tried to hide 12 cosmic minutes, but now the illusion will never ever work again. Never!

Please look it up to see what these coordinates of Cairo point to. This is Tahir Square and this is the reason why the deceivers try to start a turmoil exactely on the place of the magic spell, trying to use the power of women, men and children, because the very elite of the deceivers know that they cannot use the power of the planets anymore. Their plans have no chance at all to come true. The planetery set up makes it impossible. Today is the last day where Mars is in the hidden House of Taurus. The Moon is the last one to stay there until Monday. The end of the cycle of sadness. The Beginning of Harmony!

I wish everyone a beautiful and joyful New Beginning! This is the moment the spell is over and can never be activated again. Simply because the positions of the planets do not allow those negativ-poled (ugly) mental, alchemical forcess to work any longer. The cosmic pre-positions concerning negativity are changed. The new set up is different. The old forces, which are only negativity, have disapeared. The end of duality. The stage is set for balance and harmony. The two polarities are reconcilied. The cosmic cycle is complete in its beauty. Let’s celebrate the moment we have all been waiting for.

Much Love,