1) The male cycle will completely dissolve which is related to the financial system, government, structures – all represent male energy.
2) The Mayan prophecy has not begun yet and begins with chaos.
3) Internal cycles inside the earth and sun will begin.
4) Now reaching scientific cycles – peak of solar cycle 24 – solar flares so strong that would wipe out computer systems on entire planet. This is where it begins…the entire physical world is based on computers. Entire grid will go down – no food, etc. Between now and September the solar flares will shut us down.

5) Eight different catastrophes are about to occur one right after another.
6) Magnetic field of Earth tied in with solar flares
7) Nova Nov 2003 geophysicists said they believed north and south poles are going to reverse themselves. They shift 40 miles a year. Watch the Magnetic Storm – goes in at the North and out of the South. Huge North Pole spot in Australia?
8) Methane expulsion is a huge consideration.
9) The only way out of it is a conscious transformation.
10)We will be able to be anywhere in The Universe and immortal.
11)NASA has proven that we are in a programmable hologram. It is in your heart – the stars, the earth, the moon. We are generators of universes. We are walking around in our mind.
12)Every person regardless of their condition, their spirit is alive before this creation took place and will be alive after this creation dies.
13)Karma is only here because we won’t break these karma laws anymore.
14)There are drugs that accelerate consciousness such as psychedelics (like DMT).
25)When on DMT, your reality is identical to everyone elses reality.
26)There are trillions of other realities.
27)Plasma trips works with beings from Mother Earth, not ET’s external to the Earth.

Published on Apr 15, 2013
We talked about everything from ET’s and the Illuminati to how to open your heart chakra and preparing to transition to higher dimensions. Do we actually live in a Holographic Universe? Are people traveling on plasma ships to inner earth to meet with plasma beings? These and many more questions during this interview. You never know when a scrap of information might change the way you see the world and your relationship to it.