I find it interesting that this information is flying all over the internet, even through conventional channels such as yahoo….hmmmmm.  Are we finally becoming capable as a mass consciousness to see another perspective to the ancient war machine, and that this war machine was our own government the entire time?

AFPBy AFP | AFP – 4 hours ago

A Tehran jury on Sunday found the international news agency Reuters guilty of the crime of “propaganda against the regime” for a report mischaracterising female ninja students as assassins, Iranian media said.

Reuters was also found guilty of “publishing false information in an effort to disturb public opinion” over the ninja report published in February, Iran’s official news agency IRNA said, quoting the Tehran prosecutor’s office.

It is now up to the judge of the Tehran court to give a final verdict and any sentence. He was expected to do so in coming weeks, the channel Press TV reported, without giving a date.

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