Here are some of the latest press releases from Iraq concerning the Dinar. What is left to do before a revaluation of the dinar?

1)Currency reform law to delete the zeros off the current triple zero notes.
2) Issuance of the new lower denomination bills equivalent to the value of current federal reserve notes.
3) Seating of the security ministers to form a government that will be recognized by the UN and the IMF.
4) The release of Chapter 7 restrictions and sanctions on the country of Iraq, brings back Iraq as a member in good standing within the International community. Note the Revaluation of the dinar may be a pre-requisite before Chapter 7 will be released by the UN. The main issue here has been the cleaning up of the debt with Kuwait and re-establishing the borders between Iraq and Kuwait.Are there any press releases today discussing these issues, you bet ya.

1)Deputy Governor of the CBI: draft delete zeros does not need a new law, but regulation

The parliamentary Finance Committee has asked the Central Bank to develop a new draft deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency, being a great project and very sensitive and important General of the Iraqi people.

She is a member of the Finance Committee, the National Alliance Deputy//Magda Tamimi told earlier (newsletter): draft deleted three zeros from the local currency needs to be sufficient time for implementation, and a new law legislation by Central Bank and submission to the Finance Committee for discussion and then presented to the House of representatives to vote on it, and cannot be implemented without the approval of law

2)CBI: The financial budget for the year (2013) will adopt the new currency in Arabic and Kurdish
“Central Bank of Iraq announced that the federal budget, for the year (2013) will be approved with the new currency in Arabic and Kurdish….that the financial budget of the Federal Iraq will be traded during the ninth month of the current year and recognized in the New Year according to the new currency of the two languages.” *Note 9th month of current year Sept 2012.

3)Chihod attributes the delay in naming the security ministries and resolve to the candidate and the Department of Defense.

“He was a member of the security and defense committee parliamentary Adnan Mayahi revealed a tentative deal between the National Alliance and the parties of the Iraqi List, including Osama Najafi and some leaders of the Iraqi List, the nomination of Khaled Al-Obeidi, a candidate agreed to the Ministry of Defense, and denied some members of the Iraqi List, so.”

There is a National conference this week, that may resolve the lack of security ministers.

Representatives of the three large blocs meet today to finalize the agenda of the National Conference

4)Fatlawi: There is a high-level diplomatic efforts by the government to remove Iraq from Chapter VII

Here is an article from the CBI that again re-iterates that the CBI intends to devalue the dollar against the dinar significantly. A devaluation of one is a revaluation of the other.

CBI has promised to reduce the value of the dollar and the potential to modify the pension law

“measures the bank last did not work in raising the value of the dinar Iraqi and inquire about this thing called the Governor of the Central Bank and told me that the measures developed but not implemented by 100% and the promise of its application in the coming days which will then significantly decreased the value of U.S. dollar against the Iraqi dinar. “

*** Note in the coming days, is this September or perhaps sooner. You are being kept off balance to discourage speculation.

Here is another article stating the dinar is going to retain is value and not being lopped when the zeros are removed. There will be two currencies in circulation for a period of two years and the RV.

Expert: Deleting the zeros will increase confidence in national currency, the new world and internally

“the process of deleting the zeroes will be early next year, noting that the measure would be gradually until the absorption of the entire Old Banknotes of the market completely, the memory of the two currencies existing and new will work in the same time without reducing the value of any of them until the absorption of the entire current currency, or which will be the (old) time.,”…

Take the articles as a whole rather than relying on secret intel that does not exist. The information is right in front of you but it requires a bit of studying and reading comprehension skills. This is a process that is coming to fruition in the coming days, but it is a process. Knowledge is power as Shakespeare said fortunes are made at the flood.. Do you have the savvy to see the tide in the affairs of men?