Uploaded on Apr 27, 2008

http://revolutionmarch.com – March on Washington on JULY 12th for FREEDOM

I created this video to create awareness of the march on Washington, DC on JULY 12 and also to spread the truth about our income tax laws.

There are MANY people that feel America is (and has been for some time) headed in the wrong direction, violating our inherent and inalienable rights, and veering far from its Constitutional limitations.

I urge everyone to post truthful and informative videos with real issues about what is happening to America AND also to include with these videos information on the march on JULY 12th.

I look forward to seeing YOU in Washington!

*To learn more about the truths of the IRS and the Income Tax, watch http://video.google.com/videoplay?doc… . It is Irwin Schiff’s “How To Live an Income Tax-Free Life”

http://revolutionmarch.com – March on Washington on July 12th for FREEDOM