The implications of this faux pas are enormous – try seeing this through the lens of bringing their ineptitude to the forefront through exposing people’s SSN’s and what havoc that can bring for this agency….this feels to me like another intervention of The Light folks!-A.M.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013 7:00

(Before It’s News)

Oops.  My bad.  The out of control IRS’s bad year just keeps getting worse. For us, that is.  They get away scot free and do as they please. Now we learn that the IRS screwed up again and the result?– thousands of social security numbers have been leaked.  Surely this is not the kind of “transparency” people are demanding. 
Already dealing with a scandal involving its higher scrutiny of political groups seeking nonprofit status, and the revelation that it claims the power to read taxpayers’ emails, the agency is now facing questions about how it wound up leaking the Social Security numbers of thousands of taxpayers.

The issue arose within the agency’s searchable database of the filings of tax-exempt political groups, known as 527 Groups., which has led the charge in pushing for greater transparency in the finances of these groups, took the unusual step of actually asking the IRS to take down the databases in question. The problem, it explained, is that the government forgot to redact the Social Security numbers of tens of thousands of individuals involved with those organizations.

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