ocean wavesWe spoke earlier about the energy waves coming in just after Thanksgiving and the next wave peaking just after Christmas. Are you feeling it? Those who are sensitive are really feeling it. Others who are not taking responsibility for their process are projecting, blaming, often with emotional outbursts not even knowing why. I personally have been having visions of past relationships, the sadness on how they ended along with the realization that I cannot be responsible for the pain, sadness and healing of others. You cannot instil want into another you can only hold a loving space and in some cases we have to love ourselves enough to set any necessary boundaries. As we said earlier now is the time to make love and kindness your mantra and practice as well as set boundaries with those who have chosen not to practice love and kindness. It is God-force energy, the ultimate power is love it is the cosmic glue that holds everything together and the manifesting force behind all creation. Seems there is a lot of mis-creation manifesting which is what is surfacing and falling apart. Respect is also a key word coming up. If we want respect from others we have to respect ourselves and stand tall in our own divinity again setting boundaries with those who are being disrespectful. This includes the big picture, setting boundaries with those who are being disrespectful to Humanity and the Earth. It is as if someone acted out or ripped the rug back of what was once ignored and shoved under the rug. These energies are amplifying everything. The best advice we can give is do not suppress, or ignore what is surfacing, own it, call on the God within to heal it. The most empowering message we can leave you with is remember when you are pointing the finger at others there are three pointing back at you and again now is the time to practice love and kindness setting the necessary boundaries with those who are not. Be well
James Gilliland