james_gilliland11I have been at the side of this one delivering this message since birth. He has died twice in this incarnation and I was there both times to revive him. There was a reason. There are a few people on Earth who are known as the incorruptibles. Though he has had many challenges each time he has gained the wisdom from the experience and continued onward to serve with the highest intent. This is why I have chosen him and others like him to deliver my message. Humanity and the Earth; which is a reflection of Humanity have become extremely imbalanced. There was a time the divine feminine was honored; it took the lead, as it should in governing the affairs of Earth. The feminine by nature is subjective; it is loving, nurturing, family and security oriented. Family does not just mean relatives it encompasses all life. It is best equipped due to its love and subjective nature to receive guidance from Creator. The masculine is designed to be objective, carry out the inspirations of the divine feminine protect and support it.

Today the Earth has more of a patriarchal governing system, completely out of touch with Creator, ego driven with very little respect for the divine feminine, which includes your Mother Earth. In my incarnation there were two aspects to my son’s teachings and ministry. There was the feminine side the house of Mary and the masculine side the house of Jesus. Who do you think spent the most time rearing Jesus and teaching him? Which house did he spend the most time in? Although Jesus taught of an all forgiving God of love the omnipresent Creator, birther and wellspring for life his teachings were hijacked by the masculine side which instead chose the image of a masculine God, sometimes punishing and wrathful, a God with strict rules and retributions for not following those rules. My beloved daughter Mary Magdalene was also judged and demonized out of jealousy with her legacy tainted by the rumors of men. She was of royal blood, trained in the Egyptian Mystery Schools and was paramount in the support and ascension of Jesus. They were and are today passionately in love yet that love has taken on a more expanded role. We all continue to love, heal and support God consciousness for those who seek our service. We are universal in nature and our teachings.

When Jesus was aware it was his time to go he passed the scepter to the house of Mary. They were more aligned with and connected to Creator and could better serve Humanity and the Earth being more aligned with Natural Law. The masculine side could not break away from the intellect, surrender to love, govern from the heart and often wanted to use power over inspiration. These character traits were the drive to take over the house of Mary, the divine feminine which to this day has taken a back seat overshadowed and suppressed by the now governing patriarchal leadership. Why are all the Popes Men? Why are most of the priests and ministers men? Where is the feminine? Silent and in the back seat. This same problem exists throughout the Earth yet a few cultures still honor and respect their women rather that turn them into objects of pleasure, dutiful slaves and sense gratification as in the west. This major imbalance and degradation is coming to a close. It will be revealed and healed from on high and from the very Earth herself.

The divine feminine energy has been exponentially increased to bring balance back to Humanity and the Earth. The hijacking of the divine feminine will be revealed, who has been behind it and who is still perpetuating it. Your wars, the destruction of your environment, the divisions of family including your extended family; which includes all cultures and color will all come togther in a grand unification process. It is the great wave of unity consciousness your elders have spoken of and it is here. I have given this message many times only for it to be suppressed and withheld by the controlling systems of the patriarchal leadership. Now it is time to spread this message far and wide. It is a time to choose Peace. It is a time to choose unity consciousness guided through the heart in all your choices and actions not through fear and insecurity and external manipulation often mistaken for the heart. It is a time for the divine feminine in everyone, men and women to stand up and come forward. This inspiration is exponentially increasing as above so below and it is time to align with it rather than continue in ways that do not promote peace, unity, individual freedom and prosperity for all. Do not play the roles pressed upon you by the patriarchal leadership; which has silenced, diminished and objectified the divine feminine into dutiful slaves for pleasure. Do not subject yourself too or allow anything other than respect, support of your divine feminine and the Goddess within. Stand up for the other mothers and children who deserve a life of equality. Seek out and find the love, the nurturing, the spiritual strength of the house of Mary. Emerse yourself in it, become it. We love you, all of Creation and it is time for LOVE to be the governing body of Humanity and the Earth.

Received through James Gilliland