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-James Gilliland



“We are in the middle of a war between those darker forces that have enslaved humanity for centuries. You will see it expressed in many ways. The light workers are really under the gun now it seems being attacked and challenged to their very core. It is as above so below. The new incoming energies and spiritual evolution of Earth are bringing these unseen negative influences into the light. People are choosing between their soul desire and ego desire the later most of which is controlled by the archon network. Those choosing the old ways, the old energy and consciousness grids are going to have a very hard lesson. Those choosing love, joy, bliss and service to others will take the ascending path. We have to make hard choices in the days to come. Choices concerning jobs, family and friends releasing that which no longer serves us and rise to the occasion. Many will fal away caught in their base desires and unhealed wounds and traumas of the past. They will cling to the old world and the old ways. The march is on, we cannot save them or choose for them. We can only be examples so that they can make their own choices and take their own actions where ever that may lead them. This is a powerful interview explaining what is transpiring.”

– James Gilliland


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The small little fishing village I am in made headline news today. A couple days ago a 2 year old Colorado boy was beaten and drowned by a meth head boyfr…. These things are a hard pill to swallow. The whole town is upset. I doubt if the boyfriend will ever make it to trial due to the nature of his crime. Most likely he will receive justice in another way.

We never know why these things happen until we see the big picture, past lives, karma etc. Too early to look into this matter and I don’t want to comment on it. This in no way reflects the nature of the town or its people, which has some very enlightened people, top healers and teachers. I have seen this behavior before. The drugs open the door to unthinkable behavior. Sometimes people have openings due to other reasons where Archons or negative spirits jump in. They are not even aware of what they did or why they did it until the entities are healed and they are left in the mess they created.

In the days to come we are going to see a lot of this behavior, especially with those who have traits which open the doors to this energy. Now is the time for impeccable integrity. We can no longer fool ourselves or ignore any links, connections, actions, or an unhealed past which opens the door to these influences. As the energies increase the prophecies warn us there is no turning back. These darker forces will rise to be seen, create as much chaos and negativity as possible. They feed off chaos. Their world is coming to an end and they are getting frantic.

There are two paths as the polarities increase. One is the material minded, seeking acceptance and approval outside of self, and power over others. The other is service to others, simplicity, inner awareness and unity consciousness. We have to choose a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature if we are going to continue our evolution on Earth. The old world is in chaos, it is falling away and the greatest insecurity will be attaching to it in its demise. There will be one more rise with the economy, a final fleecing then it is best to be in a position where there is no further dependency on the continuation of the status quo. Do not be misled by the mainstream press. Things are not as rosy as they would like you to be-lie-ve.

On a ligher note we are networking with some amazing doctors, meeting awesome committed people of high integrity, the ECETI family is growing.

Be well,
James Gilliland