When you see the world’s reserve currency getting cut out as the middleman in the currency markets, you know the time has come. The time when the world no longer wants to do business with that middleman, and instead, deal directly with each other.

That’s precisely what’s happening with the dollar. Over the past year we have seen Iran, Taiwan, and Russia — to name just a few countries — cut the buck out of the middle in currency dealings, and instead traded directly with each other and without using the dollar as a reserve currency.

Now we find that just yesterday, China and Japan inked a deal to cut the U.S. dollar out of all trades between the two countries, and instead, trade directly in yuan and yen, I repeat, without ever touching the U.S dollar.

This is all part and parcel of a natural evolutionary process that will see the U.S. dollar lose its role as the world’s reserve currency. I have absolutely no doubts about it.

Thing is though, our leaders in Washington also know it’s going to happen. In fact, they WANT it to happen. They WANT the dollar devalued so that our leaders can try and default on Washington’s domestic and international obligations, but on the sly, through inflation.

And Beijing knows about it too. That’s why I’ve been warning you day after day that you should wake up … smell the coffee … and take drastic steps to both protect and grow your money.

Because if you don’t, no one else will help you. No one in Washington, no one in your state capitol, no one in Beijing, and certainly no one in Europe.

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Larry Edelson