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Jennifer HoffmanDear Jennifer:  I really enjoy your writing and thanks for the many ascension updates, which have been so helpful to me. I’ve never decreed so much in my life as the last few years, anchoring light so that the earth’s vibration will shift for the better. It’s been good work, if hard much of the time, but now I feel done… like there is nothing I want to do. I wrote a book from 2011 to 2012 and it’s published. Now I just feel done, finished, but I’m still here.  Every time I ask the Higher Powers what my next mission is, they say ‘enjoy your life’ I’m not sure what that means, do you have any suggestions? What is next for those of us who do this work?

Jennifer’s Answer:  Congratulations on realizing that you are done with what I’ll call Phase 1 of your work. It has been a very long phase and encompasses your entire time on earth. You are done with that and now Phase 2 begins, which really is about enjoying your life. You don’t know what that means because it is a very new and different way for you to connect with the earth energies, with humanity, with yourself as a human, and with your life path. It’s a new beginning for you and for many of us, which means that we don’t know what to do because we’re facing a new situation that requires that we shift a very old mindset.

The new paradigm for the earth flows in a much different way than what we are used to. We are used to doing work, to working hard, to facing challenges that take every ounce of determination, heart, will and stamina we have to continue to put one foot in front of the other. We thought that this process would end much differently, with a loud bang or fanfare, so the ‘whimper’ that was the supposed ascension of December 2012 was quite the disappointment. Were we looking for signs that we were done that we thought would be equal to the amount of hard work we have put into the process. The signs were there, but they weren’t things we could see, we had to ‘know’ them. Needing this kind of visual, concrete proof is part of our old way of doing and that’s not the way of the new earth, which is about being.

Our old way of ‘doing’ must become a new way of ‘being’. There is nothing left to do because in the past, we  have had to work to shift the energy of 3D into its higher aspects so ascension could happen. Life was hard because we had to work within the 3D paradigm and one thing we know about 3D, energy doesn’t flow very easily or quickly.  We have to push, pull, prod and force the energy into place if we want something to happen. Maybe not, but that is how we have always worked within 3D. If we wanted something to happen, we had to work hard to make it happen and that was appropriate for that time. Now we have to learn to flow with our intended outcomes, to be within the energy of our potential as its guide and manager. Creation no longer depends on how hard we work, how much energy or light we can hold, or how long we can sustain the effort. Whatever we want to create starts from joy, alignment, vibration, and how they serve us. This is where we begin to create life as a joyful process.

I think your guides were giving you a clue in that enjoying life means being in joy. It doesn’t mean you do not have to do anything, it just means that what you do must bring you joy and that begins with a state of being, not doing. In this new paradigm we bring joy to life.  How can we be so much in the energy of joy that we live ‘in joy’ and therefore enjoy life? Coming from lifetimes of working hard and hard work, being in joy and making that our purpose will be a big shift, but that is what this new earth paradigm requires, that we are in the energy of joy.

So rather than search for new things to do and wonder why you’re feeling so unmotivated, set your intention for joy, to be in joy, to have joy in your life and to be full of joy or joyful. Then from that point of being joyful, pay attention to the things you can do that bring joy to your life. What gifts can you explore? What dreams can unfold for you now? Do you have new dreams to explore? What intentions do you have for your life? When you stop looking for things to do and start being in the energy of what you are wishing for, this new path will open up for you, with many ways to use your energy, all in the fulfillment of the joy that you are intending to be. And in this way, you will understand what it means to ‘enjoy your life’ as you create joy for yourself and empower the new earth paradigm with joyfully inspired thoughts and actions.


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