Jennifer HoffmanDear Jennifer:  You have written that our belief system blocks us from accessing the unlimited nature of the Universe. Are there other things, such as entities, external forces or energies block us too? How effective is energy work in letting them go or in preventing them from clinging to us and attaching to our energy? Is this what prevents us from accessing our highest potential or is there something in the earth’s energy itself that is an ‘implant’ which becomes part of our energy? Is a belief in our power enough to release these energies or is there more that we can do so we are truly sovereign in our lives?

Jennifer’s Answer:  If we know ourselves as masters in and of our lives, which we are, then it is not possible for anything to have control over us without our willingness to allow it. Why would we give an energy the power to control us? We have to look at both conscious and unconsciousness intention and the power of fear, because they all work together to give us the impression that there are ‘other’ things which can be in control of our lives. Keep in mind, though, this is, above all else, a free will planet, so we have a will in all things, which means that nothing, and no-thing can control us unless we allow it. That said, we can give these energies many opportunities to connect to us and give us the appearance that we are not in control.

When we acknowledge ourselves as masters in our lives, we take on the responsibility for everything that happens in it. Everything we call good or bad, that we like or dislike, that causes us joy or pain, then becomes our responsibility, and ours alone. We have no idea how powerful we are in this respect, so we take credit for the good things and blame something else for the bad, when it is all us. It is not easy to admit that we create the ‘bad’ as well as the ‘good’, so we acknowledge our power when it comes to things we enjoy and blame some other energy for our pain. It is still all us though, and the energetic choices that we make, either consciously or unconsciously.

Anywhere we allow ourselves to be in the energy of fear is where we allow some aspect of density to become the dominant energy in our lives. Falling into cycles of fear and pain can be very easy to do once we allow them to begin because they distort our energetic balance, lowering our frequency until we are no longer able to view higher energetic potentials. This is another energetic choice, and is not a takeover but a relinquishment of our personal power and mastery. The state of ‘depression’ is simply where we have lowered our energetic resistance and lost our connection to our  natural state of joy. Our physical body state is chemically altered by this shift in our energy and we have all of the symptoms associated with being depressed. When we choose to raise our frequency, we can re-align ourselves with more powerful and higher frequency energies.

If we bring addictions, such as drugs and alcohol, into the mix, the situation becomes more complicated. Any substance that alters our perception of reality also alters our energetic balance and lowers our resistance to connection to more dense energies. The only reason they can connect to us is because we have lowered our own energy. They do not have any power over us or cannot connect to us without our willingness. In the absence of a powerful choice and intention to be in higher energies, though, we are fair game for any energy that resonates at our lowest vibration in that moment. Without being consciously aware, in each moment, and having powerful intentions for where we want our energy to be, which can be, for example, to be fully in our power, to be at the frequencies of love, peace, and joy, then we create openings for other energies to enter. Not because they have  power over us, but because we give our power to them.

The heart of your question is, I believe, whether we can be possessed or taken over by other energies. The answer to that question is ‘no’, it is not possible for any energy to have control over us. Even Source or God has no control over us and what we do. However, we can, intentionally or unintentionally (and there is no difference), give our power away and when we do, we become victims to any energies that can connect to us. The key to staying in higher vibrations is to know that this is something we can do and that we should do all of the time. Without this as a conscious intention for our lives, we will feel that we are out of control but that is a state of mind that is a result of our state of energy, and nothing else.

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