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“Only the ego would judge us for our ego not being gone yet.”
J. Hough


Dear Alexandra


I was talking to a friend the other day who shared with me… “When am I done with all this stuff? Why is there pain as I awaken?”

The answer?  Stop judging the speed, direction, shape and form that your journey is taking. Let go of the expectations of how it all should look like.

Free to Fly:   If indeed the Universe loves us, our journey can only be happening efficiently.  Remember we have spent hundreds of lifetimes and thousands of years in an unawakened state.  Awakening in one lifetime is pretty cool.

Lean in:  Lean into the journey you are on, instead of wishing you were on another.  Do you really think that Infinite Wisdom would put you on anything less than the fast track? 

P.S.  You can go kicking and screaming or not……..I’m all for plan B. 
Jennifer  xoxo