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“Drama is directly proportional to the degree that you are holding onto your old paradigms of understanding life, when they are ready to leave.  Either you are going to awaken, kicking and screaming or you are simply going to awaken. You choose.”   J. Hough

As you feel your heart calling you more and more to your delicious life, the yearning to fly causes you to be infused with the truth of who you are.  It‘s like filling a muddy swimming pool with crystal clear water…the dirt’s gonna rise and/or dissolve.  Annndd…..

Free to fly: If you plan on analyzing, doing a lot of work on what comes up and excavating root causes, you will be taking the hard road.  As we ask for more freedom, the Universe continues to provide faster ways to transcend the old, because it serves humanity.  So instead of engaging, just disengage the drama and give it to LIFE to deal with, while you continue to spend your time flying.

Lean in: Hey, either you’re going to wait for fears to go before you fly, or you‘re just going to fly and let the fears become highly uninteresting…There’s a little more to it, but you get the idea.

Just saying!