“Your ego would have you trying to rid yourself of fear before you act, which can take years.  Creation would have you stop taking fear seriously, which can happen right now. After all, when’s the last time your ego served you?” J. Hough 

Dear Alexandra

I see it so often when people are wanting to sign up for a program, getting into relationships or being called to have an honest conversation.  Fear is repeatedly being taken seriously and being allowed to get in the way of something that would change their lives to allow living in a flow with Life itself.

Free to fly:  What if the idea of getting rid of the fear before leaping is an old one?  What if we could simply recognize it as ego and therefore realize it is not to be taken seriously? –  We could do that in an instant; no pomp, no ceremony, no long processes, no steps.  What if the Universe loves us so much it could just be that simple and elegant?

Lean in: Oh sure, we’ve all spent thousands on courses and programs to get over fear. Oh well; New day; Pip pip….onward and upward and all that…..

P.S. The #1 way to experience the diminishing power of fear is to simply remember who you are; A Divine Child of a Magnificently Wise Universe – after all it created you didn’t it?……..xoxoxo Jennifer