“The Ego likes to think that goals are amazing ideas that you came up with.  Life wants you to know that it was already a thought form being molded in Creation long before your mind ‘caught up with’ the idea.” J. Hough 

Dear Alexandra

Ever perceptively made a goal up, thinking that if you accomplished it, you would prove yourself, your worth and it would get you ahead somehow?  Consider this……

Free to fly: The being that you are automatically, energetically emanates a request for a delicious life, whether your mind is involved or not.  The Universe responds to that request with or without your mind.  The Universe is interested in expanding Heaven….and gives you the opportunity to experience that Heavenly expansive ride through living your life.  If you would like to experience the accomplishment of certain projects in life, as proof that you are a valid human being, fine.  However instead, if you choose to have a different experience by joining with your consciousness in the adventure, you will discover the privilege it is to truly be alive.  Choices, Choices.

Lean in: What if the only reason you would ever make a goal is for the journey it would take you on?  What if a goal is simply an excuse to create and play with humanity?

P.S. After all, if you are a piece of the Universe, doesn’t it make sense that you came here to play and Create versus fix and prove yourself?   Getting bored yet? ……..xoxoxo Jennifer