“The pretty picture of what we think should be happening in our lives is insignificant compared to the inevitability of what is to come.  The entire Universe is conspiring for your magnificent life.” J. Hough 

Dear Alexandra

When we judge our life by comparing it to the pictures in our head, we cause a temporary detour, which through the benevolence of the Universe is correctable.

Free to fly:  Oh it’s not that your expansive life isn’t happening in the background, it’s that you are not present to the magnificence because you are too busy collecting evidence for life not working.

Lean in:  Hey, if you want to make it about patience, okay…..but that is still your ego wanting your intention to become reality.  To experience the life of “or better,” it requires that you show up for the life that is in front of you with passion not judgment. 

P.S.  Don’t worry, your magnificent life will be waiting for you, whether you judge or not.  Cool right? ……..xoxoxo Jennifer