jennifer_hough“Maybe the density in the world is directly proportional to our need for catalysts to wake up.  The more we awaken, the less we need the cosmic 2X4 to hit us on the side of the head.  Will you be motivated by pain, or inspired by the future of potentials? Just sayin’… “

I recently finished working with a powerful group and it is quite amazing how many people have had difficult experiences in their lives.  It begs the question “Do we really have to experience pain to grow and learn?”  The answer is “No!”

In the Flow: In a world expanding at a pace and to a place we have never seen before, consider that it is possible to simply expand Heaven without needing the contrast of Hell!

Let Go of the Oars: Contrast might be necessary when we’re in the ‘Dog Eat Dog world’, but in an Awakening Heaven, by definition, we would leave all that density behind as we simply Create and play more! Bring it on!

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