jennifer_hough Calendar of Events for June 2013   Hi Alexandra,  Welcome to June, a time of great shifts…..shifts on energies that are moving all around us right now.  Just ground… and the next week are upgrades based on Christ Consciousness, the Magdalene energy and unconditional love. Your liver is what is being upgraded biologically to capacitate light instead of emotion, resentment is leaving emotionally, full circles are being brought to the areas of life where you have not stood up for yourself, it is about your voice, speaking what you know, saying what presents and being willing to shake a tree or two for the sake of telling the truth. There is nothing to do y’all, there is only to stay out of judgment and dive in to what is presenting……take time out to rest and integrate when it is being called for.  Please come and join us on this adventure of Awakening first-hand……….here are our upcoming events!  Love, Jennifer xoxo