“There does not need to be dark to be light because all is light.  There does not have to be good to have evil.  Evil is simply a perception created by the human ego to keep us in fight or flight, so we would never be free from ego.  There is no dark, and no evil, there is only forgetting who we are.” J. Hough 

jennifer_houghWhy spend time conquering perceived evil, when we could expand harmony?  Does that mean we ignore unconscious or manipulative acts?  No, it means using the fact that they exist as a powerful catalyst to remember the truth of your own beauty. So even those that may have forgotten will feel the resonance of the truth within them. It is only through our own remembrance that we can light the way.  We are truly all in this together. 

Lean in: Protection is over-rated and embodying the powerful being of light that you are seems to have been under rated. Safety is the least of what is available as a human being, aim for freedom, creation and expansion into Heaven and you will never need to worry about safety.  You will be the one shifting the density just because you have the courage to own your magnificence.

Free to Fly: Isn’t it great that the answer is always the same? Embody, activate and awaken to all that you are.  Speak, act, play and interact with others accordingly, and the Global Awakening will be inevitable.

jengirl1.jpgRemember, even the dark we see with our eyes exists within the environment that is entirely made of light particles. So forgive me that I’m not afraid……you?  xoxoxo Jennifer



With love and many hugs for an amazingly expansive 2013, 

Jennifer & Team