Have you ever had a feeling and wondered if it’s instinct or ego?   But, what do you have a feeling about?  After all, the feeling is always in response to something. Is your feeling a response to a habitual thought?  A thought that you’ve trained yourself to think to keep yourself safe in this world. Who’s thought was that before you claimed it?  Where did it come from originally?  What ancestral, religious, familial dogmatic paradigm is it from?  Is it truly yours?

jennifer_houghFREE TO FLY!: If your ‘feeling’ is in response to a thought, then it is simply a well  practiced emotional reaction.  If your ‘feeling’ is in response to placing yourself in a state of neutrality and losing the need to KNOW what your ‘feeling’ is responding to, then you are having a cellular instinct.  One is like responding to an unconscious recording.  The other is like hearing the resonance of the entire Universe spoken through your cells, without any need for your mind to know the reasons why you feel that way.

LEAN IN:  Emotional reactions are the language of the ego, based in fear and protection. Cellular instincts are the language of your higher levels taking you far beyond protection all the way to expansion.

I love new languages don’t you?  Especially ones that lead to total freedom….xoxo SOS (Big thanks to Adam Lamb for giving us the inspiration for this Wide E-wakening – join us on our FB Page for Wide E-wakening Wednesdays!….and suggest a topic for Jennifer to cover in our next message: