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“If your words don’t match your actions, it’s because your heart didn’t match your words in the first place.  If your heart does not guide your words, then it will be very difficult to do what you say.  Do you want integrity to your heart’s wisdom or old patterns?” J. Hough


Dear Alexandra

Let me say that another way.  Do you want to have integrity to infinite wisdom speaking to you and change the world by changing your own life? Or do you want to leave the world as it has been? 

Free to Fly:
Is it that we need to work hard to get better at having our actions match our words? Or is it that most of our focus should be on getting so congruent with our heart in the first place?  Oh and in the meantime, it would be great to have compassion for yourself when you know you have to say no when you already said yes.  Awakening takes courage sometimes. 

Lean In: Here’s a hint.  Most of the time when your words don’t match your heart, it’s because you are trying to please someone, prove something or you feel guilty. 


P.S. Ready to live in your truth yet?  Or ya wanna suffer a little longer? I’m such a pest sometimes, ain’t I?  ….xoxo Jen