If you are reading this, you are here to become your own personal Guru.  Your teachers got you to this point.  The journey from here is not ‘learn more information’ based, it is ‘learn the processes for remembering who you are’ based.  The power will reside within you.  If you are a teacher, you are here to assist people to remember, not to give them their answers.” ~ J. Hough

Hi there Alexandra:



Amazing how we guru-ize facilitators, people that speak on stages, stars, authors and so on. Teachers are fallible and human and often stuck in their own paradigms.  Been there, got that T-shirt.


One of the greatest lessons for me came when I realized that Awakening is not the teaching of concepts, but the facilitation of the unfolding magnificence of someone’s life.  I get so excited to see who they really are…..not as I see it, but as they do!


It’s all about taking our power back, y’all.  Where might you be giving it away?  To a Doctor? To a Nutritionist? To an Author? To a Philosophy?  



jengirl1.jpgP.S.  Just because your truth might set you free, doesn’t mean it isn’t scary………That’s where a little help comes in!  xoxooxoxoxo Jennifer