Perhaps nothing is more confusing to human beings than the difference between controlling, dominating, owning, and influencing. And because of this, human affairs have become very messy indeed. First I am going to focus on each these different words and see if we can emerge with a much better sense of what we do and do not control, what we actually are in charge of, what we can or cannot actually own, and where our influence begins and ends. Then, because this topic is so important and central to our awakening, I will put it all together and run it through a second time in a more cohesive way so you get the full picture.

To begin with, regarding these words, there is a huge difference whether we are referring to the perspective of the false personality that tends to run in isolation and in fear and the perspective of essence, the Inner Shaman, that runs out of a sense of wisdom and neutrality.

The personality, running primarily on fear, is the chief proponent of control. It wants to control as much as possible in life to eliminate any spontaneity and chance thus eliminating what it considers to be risk factors. The most effective way to do this is to exercise as much control as possible over others and this it does through rules, regulations, decrees, laws, ordinances, or sheer dictatorship and tyranny. This tyranny and control often extends to oneself as well. The vehicles for this control are government, religion, organizations of control, peer pressure or social controls, and belief systems. We see the height of this approach to life in police states and dictatorships where people live in fear of their neighbors and the all seeing, all knowing reach of organizations of terror usually with names like CIA, M16 , Mossad and so on. These tactics can be seen on a small scale within individual families run like a dictatorship where family members live in fear of one main tyrant. In many cases this tyranny is within the individual who is internally like a police state. Notice that none of these lifestyle choices lead to any semblance of happiness. This is the clue to raise suspicion that something is amiss.

This of course is not to say that control is always a bad thing. Control on a pool table is admirable as is control while driving your car. Control has its proper place in life, usually in the terrain of coordinating the muscles and systems of the body for athletic prowess and mastery of the body. Having control over one’s own spending or drinking are also areas where a little control can be a very good thing. When control starts to extend beyond oneself and into others terrain the problems begin. There is a grey area when we consider that sometimes we need to control small children or people who are out of control and need restraining. These areas are delicate and therefore subject to much abuse.

Ultimately what passes for control is often illusory or pure fantasy, for control can vanish in a heartbeat especially in the arena of self-destructive behavior. People with Greed or Self Destruction are the ones who most desire control for security sake and the ones most likely to lose it.

Mostly trying to control other people is a hopeless task. We may be able to control their behavior for a time but trying to control what they believe, their values, and how they think is extremely difficult and often results in open rebellion. That is why so many people resort to manipulation, shaming, bullying or trying to make others feel guilty because it can work for a period of time. In fact it tends to work with younger souls the best and this is why tyrants, bullies, dictators, and religious organizations usually try to subdue populations of very young souls who are least likely to rebel and actually welcome some kind of iron fist to give them a sense of stability and security. Being controlled can make some people feel safe and this is clearly evident in prison populations. Try to control an older soul population and the dictator is going to have a hell of time. Sooner or later they will be deposed.

Interestingly trying to exert control over others freedom when not in the interest of saving someone’s life usually results in heavy karmic debt. The control just comes back around to bite you in the butt.

So you have seen how control is the domain of the false personality, based mostly on fear and separation and therefore has limited usefulness in life outside of simple control over your own body for sports or navigation purposes. Essence does not ever seek control under any circumstances period. Remember that essence is a neutral witness. It does seek to help the personality rise above those areas where wanting control over others or losing control over addictions is a problem or a block to spiritual progress.


What about ownership and ownership claims? Clearly in life there are concerns over ownership of goods and property and there are a host of laws to govern the fine details. However what is considered property very much depends on social norms. Sometimes it is land, goods, gold or can even be slaves, children, and women. All of these things can be easily lost or taken away so essence has no interest in property or ownership of this sort. This is again the terrain of the false personality. This is not to say that owning some land or money is a bad thing. It is to say that it is not lasting so essence is not ambitious about it and certainly not interested in anything having to do with the insanity of owning people. That is purely the terrain of the false personality. Yet there is an area where essence is interested in ownership. What could that be?

Essence is interested in you owning your own experience and taking responsibility for it. Ninety five per cent of all humans do not own their own experience, they make no claim over it, and this is the source of most problems in life. Most people see themselves as reacting to things happening to them from external events and situations and then they try to control or protect themselves from the outcome. In this sense most people feel themselves to be victims of life and they either complain about it or fight to the death trying not to be outfoxed by others. In either case they do not feel ultimately responsible for what comes at them. Yet what comes at you is the boomerang or echo effect of creating your own dream. Everything each person experiences is projected or out-pictured from their own mind. In many cases it is the collaboration of a number of people who have agreed to dream the same dream. For example, all human beings at this time are dreaming that there is a place called America. That is a collective dream. However each one of them is dreaming their own version of it depending upon where they are in their own dream. Thus there are many billions of Americas and there is a general consensus about what that is but there are unique perspectives a well, a wonderful place, a horrible place, a safe place, a dangerous place and so on.
Essence is interested in you owning your experience, making a claim over the terrain of your own dream. Essence walks out the door and says, “Hello sky, you are my sky, hello earth, I love you. I am responsible for you. Hello mountains, trees, flowers, you are all part of my dream and I claim you as my own.” Essence wants you to go to the market and say, “I own this trip to the market and everything that happens while I am going there, shopping there, and coming back from there. I own the characters, the goods, the experience, the whole affair.” Now this is not ownership in the same sense as society looks at ownership. You can’t just go over and take someone’s wallet saying, “That is my wallet.” You will be carted away for that. That is how the false personality looks at ownership. The ownership of essence has to do with taking responsibility for what happens in your dream of going to the market. Once you take responsibility you are in the drivers seat and in the position of shifting what happens in the dream. Yes, a person may still bump into your car in the parking lot but instead of getting screaming angry you say, “Hmmm, now what is the lesson I am giving myself here? What is the opportunity in this seeming misfortune?

Owning the terrain of your dream of life allows you to take charge of your perspective. That is step one. The next step is that you consciously decide that you are going to see your experience from the perspective of an aspect of Spirit or God dreaming. That means that everything you are dreaming is actually divine as opposed to just more ugliness and hassle. When you are out-picturing your divinity your experience changes to one that can include the miraculous. This may sound a little over the top but it is in fact what all the great saints teach. In your aspect as Spirit your experience is divine and leads to miracles. If you choose to dream from your false personality, look out. It all ends up as suffering.

So when you own the terrain of your dream you also own that all those people out there are aspects of Spirit. When you dream them like that they are more likely to behave from that place in themselves and you will be treated better by them because your perspective communicates to them and cannot be hidden from them. Here is a little exercise to try. Next time you go out into the world try saying to each thing you see along your way, “I own this street, this is my neighborhood, I claim it as mine. These people are my neighbors. These are all my houses and so are these stores. Now I am going into my restaurant to have lunch. These are all my people. Now I am going to my business meeting and this is my conference room where I am meeting with my people (even if technically it is a visit to another company). This is my world all around me and everything that happens is within my experience, even the painful things, even those things I cringe about. I take responsibility for their being in my dream and I send my divinity to them. I send them love.” Now see how you feel after a day or a few hours doing this? How is it different? What did it teach you?

Here is a little inside scoop. When you choose to look at the world this way you are actually raising your frequency. When you raise your frequency you are actually looking at an aspect of the world you did not see before from a lower frequency. This is like looking at the world with 3D glasses on. Is it the same world? Well, yes. Is it a different world? Well, yes. It is both. When you look at the world from the ownership position you are actually helping to raise the frequency of the world you are dreaming because it is your dream. How can it not be on a higher level? When you are able to raise the frequency of your dream high enough, the enlightened ones say you enter the kingdom of God. You are still here in your body but you have entered a different realm of great peace, love, and divinity.

Interestingly the city of Jerusalem was referred to as the kingdom of God during the era of crusades. Each side claimed sacred sites within it and battled to secure it for their side. They missed the point entirely. Jerusalem was a symbol for the kingdom of God, that all people would rise in frequency and see the divinity of everyone else, Jews, Christians, and Islamists alike. What a place to have that happen. Yet no one had this insight and to this day there is strife and angling for dominion. One day Jerusalem will become a place where the kingdom of God can be experienced when everyone not just tolerates each other but sees God in them.

There are those who have succeeded in doing this. It is inevitable that each human being will do this before the game is declared officially over. That will take some time. You can do this sooner or you can do this later. Sooner means less suffering. Later means more suffering.

What is your sphere of influence? Everything you are projecting out there in what looks like your life. Your sphere of influence centers within your self. You take charge of yourself. You influence yourself. You own yourself. This then has a direct influence on others but without the control piece.

What are you in charge of? Everything. What are you responsible for? Everything. What are you in control of? You can control your chosen perspective and almost nothing else. Yet consider the enormity of the power of this perspective. It can literally change the world. This takes some patience and practice. You are not likely to change the world in a couple of hours. However if you put this into practice on a daily level you will transform the world radically without question.

The Complete Picture

Let us now look at this in the big picture, on a planetary level. You are a co-creator of your experience here on the planet, of your dream and everything that happens within it. That is your governance and it does include all your brothers and sisters on the planet and what their situation and life conditions are. The human race is not here to procreate like rabbits so that endless droves of people can have a shot at going to heaven as if that were the only way they can be created and then saved. That is a distortion.

There are one hundred billion fragments in this family that are incarnating on Earth. Every one of us will go through the cycle of lives and become enlightened at the end of our evolution. This takes some time. We cannot all fit on the planet at the same time so we incarnate by taking turns. There is no rush. Our responsibility is to raise the frequency and consciousness so that when our brothers and sisters show up they will have a vastly improved experience. They will have greater opportunities to express themselves and more choices than ever before. Each one of us fragments of this family (actually one being) have total responsibility for the quality of our own experience and this has an incredibly powerful influence on the total shared dream. Wallow in depression, anger, despair, and vengeance and this only creates greater obstacles for everyone attempting to evolve. Live in joyfulness, fulfillment, and inspiration and this creates opportunities for everyone. This is not rocket science. It is just simple discernment.

Structures and organizations of fear and control on the planet that we all have had a hand in dreaming up have obfuscated, confused, and disempowered almost everyone alive. At one time this is what we wanted to control us, to help us overcome our terror at being alive. These structures have outlived their usefulness now and have become obstacles. These are what we will be dismantling by opening our hearts and perceiving a different world on a higher frequency. This higher frequency already exists, is already here just like radio waves exist that our radios have not yet been tuned to. As we discover this frequency we begin to operate on an entirely different level perceiving a world that is beautiful, benign, and filled with cooperation.

What are we not in charge of and never will be? We do not have permission to control other’s minds or save them from themselves. We have no permission to heal people against their wishes nor do we have permission to stop a person from dying if that is what they choose. We are certainly not in control of others emotions or thought process nor should we be. We have no permission to terrorize others, convert them against their will, enforce rules of obedience in them like forcing them to go to church, or believe certain dogmas and theologies. These are all distortions and can be heavily karmic to impose. We are allowed our opinions, beliefs, perceptions distorted though they may be. That is how we learn and no one can take away our lessons.

These areas are not our territory, not under our governance, not our province. They lie outside our sphere of influence. However all the people in our dream of life are under our sphere of influence so there seems to be a contradiction or a conundrum here. While we may not force anyone or coerce anyone to believe anything in particular, we can perceive their divinity, their consciousness, and by witnessing that, we give them the option of raising their frequency, which they need not accept. However in many cases they may choose to accept this boost and in so doing they accelerate their evolution and this is a great gift that all us would benefit from. So we do have responsibility for everyone’s well being but no permission to coerce them. Does this make sense? In time, everyone will come along at their own pace. We hold the space for them to do so on their own time. Holding space is our job, our terrain so to speak, our domain. That is what we can do and it is big. If everyone in your life were to simply hold space for you, this would be an amazing experience for there would be no one encouraging you to hold beliefs contrary to your nature or your well being. In a short time all that would collapse and you would be free to rush forward.

In the bible there is a reference to man having dominion over the plants and animals etc. Younger souls interpreted this to mean permission to ruthlessly exploit the resources of the planet. What was meant is that because of our Devine nature, higher intelligence, and potential for self-awareness, human beings have responsibility over whatever they perceive. This is very different from exploitation. It actually means that humans, through their capacity for Devine love, have the responsibility to raise the frequency of their perceptions to benefit and support the material plane and raise it to a higher dimension so that duality becomes diminished and all is bathed in a sea of love. What a different interpretation that is and that is exactly what is going to happen throughout the next five hundred years on this planet. Yes, it will take some time and the worry is, will anything be left of our environment to enjoy. Not to worry because it is not in our destiny to destroy the planet. While there will certainly be more exploitation of the planet and more destruction in the short term, it is our obligation not to despair or become angry with what happens. Rather it is our obligation to welcome in a new era where little by little the consciousness transforms and the earth is restored to a garden. This will happen, there is no other option. Be well.