A detailed account of the astrological indications for July….
Mercury Rx in LEO  ~ July 14th (7:16pm PST) – August 7th (10:41pm PST)
begins at 12 degrees on the 14th, moves retrograde back to 1 degree and
stays in the shadow period through to August 21, when it reconnects to that
original 12 degrees it began at.  For those of us who are extremely sensitive
to energy you may have begun feeling that something was a little off since
June 26th, as the pre-shadow period started then.  Usually for me, my
cellphone starts to act up, as it did this time by not forwarding me my
voicemails or text messages until 2 days after people sent them.
I heard explanations from Solar Flares impacting the frequentcies of
cellphone towers to electro magnetic energy impacting the earth due to meteroites entering into our solar atmosphere.
Perhaps it was all of the above.
Whenever Mercury is in retrograde motion its never a wise time to
sign contracts, or make purchases, UNLESS, you want to re-negotiate
or change your stance in the period of time after it goes direct.
Last December, I told a client to hold off on purchasing any new electronics, or
technology during that retrograde and she laughed at me, sort of believing, but mostly, not.
Just some old wives tale or myth?
Um, well, she wasn’t laughing when her new cellphone caused her so many troubles she
had to take it back several times during that period AND her new
printer – purchased in December but not opened out of the box until January for her office – it was defunct, she had to call the Geek Squad
in to figure out what was wrong, and a piece of furniture she purchased not only never showed up but the company went out of business.
 Sadly, she had pre-paid for her purchase and had to go to court to try
 and re-gain her loss of money.  She is still waiting for results.
All perfect examples of what could happen during a Mercury Rx!
OH WELL!  I did advise her, coincidentally, she is a Sagittarius.
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t force them to drink.
Last month in JUNE had a lot of crazy, wild, intense periods in it due to
the planetary shifts of energy that took place.  Both Saturn and Venus
went direct, but we also saw the first of seven squares beginning
between Uranus and Pluto and opposition with the Moon to Pluto,
and a conjunction of the Moon with Saturn.  Not to mention the
sexstiles, inconjuncts and retrogrades.  If you read my Astrology 101
page, you understand what all this symbolizes, as I have previously explained how these aspects affect us.
Not always so easy to experience these powerful energies.  Yet, our
souls growth certainly does remember our life lessons when there is
pain and suffering involved.  Fear is also usually present which brings
on the added anxiety, panic, and desperation/depression that many persons on the planet are experiencing now. Yet, the lessons prepare us, literally and some times physically, to push us to the next level of awareness.
JULY starts off with the Sun in CANCER.
FULL MOON on the 3rd (for those
of us here in California) in the earth sign of Capricorn at 12 degrees at
11:51 am PST. (12.13′ exact) opposite the Cancer Sun same degree.
Full moons bring things to a culmination, a “head”, and reveals what has been in the darkness.  Yes, in some instances it does bring an end to something in your life but as all cycles go it is also a beginning.  The Universe hates a void, empty space.
As soon as one door closes another one will open. And so it is with full moons.
In the sign of Capricorn, there is something regarding our businesses, perhaps financial, or even finding stability with letting go of an old memory regarding dear old dad.  For some of you, you will be shifting
 jobs, retiring, moving on, or just quitting saying enough is enough.
The sign Capricorn rules the 10th house of our careers ambitions,
honors, fame and recognition.  It is in the opposite house of Cancer
and most Cappies do place importance on being the bread winner of
the home.  Control issues may come out, too, at this time over how
money is being spent.
NEW MOON on July 18 in sign
of CANCER at 9:24pm PST at
27 degrees. (26.54′ to be exact) and the Sun will also be in Cancer, so this is a conjunction of energy.
I picked the image of the
“TRUE BLUE” Blue Crab this month as the most loving, nurturing and loyal sign of the zodiac are all my crabbies on the planet.
New moons brings about a new start, a new beginning, or new growth in the sign it falls in.  In the sign of Cancer, which rules the 4th house of home, we may have recently moved into a new home, and now we are doing some redecorating.
It could also see Mom, or Mom-in-law visiting, or moving in
for a stay for the entire summer or even permanently.  Or perhaps, we are finding ourselves more involved with being a mother to our own children, the community, our friends, or
even our own inner child, as this would be an excellent time
to begin to nurture one’s self.  This energy will be prominent until the next New Moon in August.
Note: For all my analytical students,  information used on my website is derived from my Solar Fire Deluxe software. I prefer to use precise times and degrees.
Like you, it makes me crazy to listen to all the budding astrologers on YouTube
and the web who give varying degrees of transitioning planets.
For your reference, if a planet is closer to a higher degree such as the
New Moon this month we round up.
If, in fact, it is closer to the lower degree we use that degree.  As you know, exact degrees are need to determine the math for mid-points for timing of personalized readings and events, however for generalized readings, an approximate degree is sufficient.
July 1 – Sun in Cancer thru July 22/23. Planets Neptune and Chiron are bed fellows in the sign of Pisces moving retrograde until mid November.  A lot of mental pain, anguish, and fogginess in our lives may push us to heal the wounds deep within and reach for spiritual understanding and guidance.  Addictions relating to the mind may either be battled against or drawn to us.
July 2 –
July 3– This is a busy day planet wise.  At 6:24 am PST the Moon will be
conjunct Pluto, just shortly before planet Mars moved out of Virgo where its
been for a very long time (8 months to be exact but usual transit is only 2 months!) now into the sign of Libra. IF you remember we have Saturn in that house and
he just went direct at the end of June.  These two won’t catch up to each other
until August when they sit side by side at 24 degrees which will prove to be a
Karmic time.
Previously, last month I mentioned that Uranus squared Pluto which brought
some tension out in our relationships but now Venus in the sign of Gemini will
also be at 8 degrees causing another aspect (inconjunct) to Pluto.
Jupiter also now in Gemini, where it will stay for the next 12 months bringing expansion and lessons into that house where it falls in your natal chart.
Additionally Mercury has already moved out of Cancer into Leo, which is why I believe we are seeing the “heat” waves, wild fires and the personal mouthy “flare ups” on the planet.  Time to speak up and clear out.  Leo is a fire sign, after all
and it too is inconjunct Pluto the planet known as “Lord of the Underworld”.
So, tell me…How HOT does it get in HELL?  I guess this summer we might get a
chance to see for ourselves.
July 4th, 2012
July 5– With Charlie Sheen’s new show “Anger Management”
airing tonight it should be a hit. We have a lot of fire energy
around and with Mercury now in the sign of Leo the Lion,
TIGER blood will be on top. “Winning!”
July 6-
July 7-
ATTENTION IN THE MEDIA AROUND THIS WEEK.  (Japan may again be in the headlines.) This period is a direct result of that Venus occultation of the Sun
that we had on June 5/6.  It will be interesting to see what starts to develop.
July 9– Tonight the moon will be conjunct Uranus in Aries, while at
the same time Jupiter will be conjunct Ceres in Gemini.  Pluto and
the Sun are in opposite houses which could cause some grievances
and danger, explosive energies.
Even though the outer planets move more slowly what triggers them
are the faster moving planets such as the moon.  The moon in Aries tonight could cause some to lose their tempers, which could seem unexpected or rash by innocent by standers.
July 10– Happy Birthday to ME!
 On this date in 1936 the states of West Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had unusual high temperatures of 109+ range, also
in the 1960’s we saw new types of discoveries being made with the 1st communications satellite being launched (1962) and demonstrations
in Georgia where Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested (1962).
Leading us into 1965 where the Rolling Stones and the Beatles were finding unity among the teens with their #1 hit songs ” I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” and “Album VI” of the Beatles stayed at the top of the
chart for nearly 6 weeks.  (Planet Uranus was conjunct Pluto during
the 1960’s starting a revolution and a new way of communicating on
this planet).
And sadly, I would be remiss in
 my military history if I didn’t
remind my readers that the
Vietnam War was also going on
at this time in this world (1959-1975), separating one part of Americans
from the other group who were protesting the war in their attempts to promote Peace and Free Love.
July 11-
July 12-
July 13-Uranus begins its retrograde motion thru to December 13th!!
July 14-Mercury, planet of communication, begins retrograde motion
thru Aug. 8.   Expect delays or misunderstandings with your kids, friends, and romantic partners or even a block on your creativity as
Leo rules the 5th house.
July 15- Happy Birthday to Jenny Bell.  Around mid month we shall
begin to see more political mud slinging here in the United States.  More lies and deception of the truth will be revealed, Darkness of Greed, Power,
and Devious purposes will eventually be exposed.  2012 is a year to pick a spiritual side.
“Believe none of what you hear,
and only half of what you see.”
~ Benjamin Franklin ~
July 16-
July 17-Mars trine Jupiter and squares Pluto (Libra, Gemini, Capricorn)
all between 7 to 8 degrees
July 18-NEW MOON IN CANCER 26 degrees, Mars is now in direct opposition to Uranus, and Jupiter is inconjunct Pluto.
Happy Birthday to my brother James.
July 19-
July 20
July 21
July 22– Sun moves into Leo.  Mercury will be sexstile Mars, and Jupiter will be sexstile to Uranus. Happy Birthday to my sister KJ.
July 23
July 24-Jupiter will square Chiron.
July 25-Mercury will be busy today and tomorrow as it inconjuncts Chiron, sexstiles Jupiter, trines Uranus.
July 26-Then today, Mercury inconjuncts Pluto, obviously communication, transportation or electronic problems will be evident
as Mercury is still moving in retrograde motion as it aspects all these
other planets.
July 27 –
 uly 28
July 29
July 30
July 31-Oh Thank Heavens, we end on a special note this month when Venus trines Saturn.  Hopefully you’ve learned all the lessons regarding Truth Beauty that the Universe wished to teach you this month and you receive this kiss from the Gods/Goddesses.