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Happy Solstice with a Full Moon following quickly behind!  Get ready for those feelings to erupt like Pele herself!  We’re in a phase of really getting down and real …. into what is real…. what just IS…. this is just the way it IS….. The more you accept yourself the way YOU ARE, the more you will be able to accept everyone else and the world as IT/THEY are…… start at home…

1.   It has been a whirlwind week with the Sun conjunct Jupiter and Mercury conjunct Venus… wow… so much happening!   I’m excited to share that I got a number of emails after my last Pele Report from folks who WANTED MORE ASTROLOGY in the reports!  Yeah!  I didn’t know folks were so into the astrology of it… and it got me to thinking… I’m going to up the offering a bit more and do a couple longer reports every month, have some guest speakers, and put out some written material and make a little subscription package…. I hope you will like it and find it helpful/useful.  Will get to that ASAP (which might be awhile haha!).

2.  THE KAYPACHA FESTIVAL UPDATE!   Not only are we keeping the price the same as it has been, we are offering Single Day Saturday passes and Group discounts for more than 5 people!  The tickets are selling and the energy is heating right up with the summer heat here in the states…. Come on out and join us!  CLICK HERE to buy tickets now.

3.  I’m excited to be presenting at a conference on October  4-6 in the Florida Keys!  Stay tuned to the website and next week’s newsletter for more info on that.  While I am over there in the keys, I would love to visit a few of you on the east coast.  If you have experience organizing events and can gather up some folks please email me, and we’ll see about putting something together!

4.  I’m putting the final finishing edits on my beginning astrology course ebook and will be making that available shortly also.  I’m just hoping that the whole world begins to love astrology and listen to the stars as much as I do…. it is all so awesome….. anyway, that is all for now and I wish you the very best solstice that you have ever had!!!!



To meet the demands Life places upon me,
I must remember I’m not alone,
As unseen forces of spirit and nature,
Are constantly guiding me Home.