karen doonanGreetings beloved ones, I am LYRA from the Pleiades and I come to speak on behalf of my peoples. At this time upon and within the planet earth many are in transition and moving into balance and wholeness, we as your fellow brothers and sisters of LIGHT now speak directly to you and with you. More will now unfold upon and within planet earth that will begin to support ALL that has been guided through our channel, for many are still not accepting of their stellar origins. We embrace the New Earth energetic frequencies that now exist around and through you and we send you much love at this time. For ALL will unfold and ALL will now begin to manifest in TRUTH as you begin to work and align with said New Earth energetic frequencies.
For our children incarnate into human form the New Earth energies will allow them to BREATHE and to BE, the old “3d” earth frequencies worked against our children in their human form and saw many fall to the emotions of those around them. As the heart space begins to repair and strength returns to the human vehicle then the blossoming of our children in human form will begin to manifest. For they walk in the LIGHT of TRUTH at all times and the old earth has sought to prevent them understanding why they are here and what they are here to BE.
Other members of the Galactic Federation of LIGHT will now step forward to share messages through our channel as their introduction to their children in human form and as an introduction to the FAMILY OF LIGHT IN TRUTH. For you in your human form have never walked alone and this will now be shown to you in technicolour. We guide for you all to connect at heart level and to understand that the process that you now move into is guided from your SOUL. Many of you are directly aligned with our planetary system even though you are not children of the Pleiades and many of you have spent many lifetimes incarnate on our planetary system. The memories that sit at SOUL level will now begin to unfold and to flow into your human conscious waking mind. This is the process that will see you begin to anchor TRUTH to new levels of your BEing and understand who you are in TRUTH.
You have moved from a dimensional reality in which you were prevented at all times from freely accessing the help and support that is available to you in your human form upon planet earth. The transition into the New Earth energetic frequencies will see vast changes in the way that you live upon planet earth within the human vehicle. We send much love from our planetary system to you in your human form and we ask for you to understand the need for this process to unfold naturally. A “ripping away” of one reality too quickly for the human vehicle would cause harm to the human vehicle, that is of no service to anyone and is not supported within the New Earth frequencies.
As our channel now aligns fully with her SOUL purpose here in her human form upon planet earth then more information will flood through and into the waking realities in which she walks in her human form. We ask for you to understand that in her human form she has a process to unfold as you are in a process and we guide for you to understand her need at times to rest and find balance. The letting go and shedding of the need to align fully with her human aspect is now dissolving and this process will complete soon. This is process that many who are here to work with her and support her also go through. Many of those you term “channels” upon planet earth will follow a similar process for the information required by the human race now alters and expands and deepens.
We understand fully the need for the questions, the need for answers and the need to know however it serves no one if these are not allowed to form freely and naturally. This is a celebration of the human race ascending into TRUTH and ALL are now preparing for the changes that affect ALL for much as the birth of a child is an addition and brings changes to a family so too does the addition of the human race and their consciousness to the FAMILY OF LIGHT IN TRUTH.
We draw your attention to the consciousness of your fellow human beings, we draw your attention to your ability to FEEL and to KNOW and how these levels of frequency have now heightened. We will now step forward to those who have chosen to have contact with us in our physical form, this will be in various stages as guided by your SOUL. We understand that for many of you in your human form the need to SEE is paramount and yet we guide that the human vehicle itself has to be prepared to anchor to the levels of TRUTH needed in order to accept another form in the physical waking reality that it inhabits. Again this process is a process that will unfold with the support of the New Earth energies and the support and guidance of your SOUL.
ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS, I am LYRA from the Pleiades and I speak for the peoples of the planetary system of the Pleiades at this time. BE at peace for ALL IS NOW and the miracles that you have dreamt of in other realities will now birth fully into your HUMAN waking life reality on planet earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 in the human linear year of 2013.
333 22 444 stargates are now open and fully activated and can be accessed by ALL with the relevant coding and frequency.
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